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Let us discuss about the client here. Client can be downloaded below.
Note :- This post has been updated. Last update 21.06.22
Client software link

Overall look of this client

What is new?

  1. RccBall game added in games which uses RCC html templates.

Requirement to run this client

  1. Windows 10 64bit
  2. cmd run as administrator
    regsvr32 “C:\Program Files (x86)\Doordarshan\CasparMediaPlaybackSetup\flash.ocx”

SO glad to see you here @vimlesh1975! The biggest and longest running thread in the forum!


Hi, Everyone!
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan… When I saw that the other resource was closed I ran out into the street yelling “The sky is falling!” like Chicken Little. I panicked. BIG TIME! LOL.
Didikunz, thanks for replying to my call for help; and Vimlesh1975, thank you for your expertise and giving nature. I was able to download the client a minute ago. I do have a question and though it sounds crazy, I really need to know… Here goes.
Do I HAAAAAAAVE to put Windows 10 on my workstation to run this?
I run it on the laptop I’m on now (which is my audiovisual pre-production, production, and post-production machine) and the radio station box and man, when I tell you that I have to reinstall Windows every quarter, I mean it. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong with these machines or what, but they get slow and buggy and though I am computer literate, I don’t have time to be constantly troubleshooting these computers every other week. I run cleanup and defrag utilities and if that doesn’t get them back to decency, I snatch Windows out and reinstall. I’ve been doing it so long that I about know when it’s that time to shut down for the 28 hours it takes me to get them right (it takes that long to get back to where I left off).
The TV playout box is Windows 7 Pro SP2 and I only reinstall it once a year.
Please advise me.

On my main machine I run Windows 7 SP 2 (!) for many years now, with CasparCG and 3 Decklink cards. I turned off auto-update and do not install every piece of software that looks funny. I installed my Windows after I purchased the box in August 2012 and never reinstalled Windows since then. So it seems, that you do funny things with your machine. Have you ever tried to use a software like Acronis True Image to pull an image of your system after a fresh install? That would at lest make it not taking 28h to rebuild. So to answer your question: No you don’t need Windows 10.

Client will work on Windows 7 64bit sp2.

OK. I see.
It must be the updates.
I use all good software. I use Microsoft Office 2016, Final Draft 9, CoffeeCup, Android Studio, Avid Pro Tools, Avid Media Composer, FL Studio Signature, Adobe Master Collection CS6, Izotope RX, Davinci Resolve, MagicBullet Suite, Waves Complete, RadioDJ, Mixxx, the Akai MPK88 Pro’s utilities that came with the keyboard, and a whole bunch of software synths. None of this software is left-handed.
I say the updates because on the RadioDJ box, MS forced updates on it (Windows 10) and it corrupted the music database as well as did some other things that I didn’t want to even think about troubleshooting. Reinstalled the radio station. Didn’t help. Updated the playout suite. Still no dice. Then, I tried to do my news script and Office kept shutting down randomly. I ran virus scan. Nothing. Made sure it was up to date, ran it again. Nothing. Saw that it took a forced update so I tried to restore it back but all of my restore points were deleted. Left with no alternative, I reinstalled Windows. That is typical of Windows 10. My laptop isn’t as bad but I just reinstall it just to eliminate any impending surprises.
I did have Acronis some years ago but I stopped using it. I will start using it again. Thanks for that advice/ reminder. Totally forgot about that.
I do radio/tv/film/music production and that I know of, none of my post-production clients have given me infected files. I use three Panasonic AG-HMC80 cams and have never gotten sick files out of any of them… Just thinking out loud.
No… Nothing funny. Oh. And I don’t go on questionable sites, porn sites, software download sites…

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feels like home :wink:

keep up the good work vimlesh


I’m sure that my questions are answered in the original monster thread. Is that coming back? If not should i ask my CMP questions here?

Yes. Ask here about CMP

Just installed both Casparcg and CMP yesterday, Struggling to get video on preview window in CMP. I get video playout on blackmagic card and audio meters in preview window but no video. Any suggestions where to start?

Focus(Click) the Casparcg Screen consumer, Select the video mode from drop down and Click IN button.


No joy. I wonder if it could be related to no flash? image

On teamviewer I saw that there was no screen consumer.

Work in progress for help file for this client.

Dude! You never seize to amaze :slight_smile:

More power to you bro! How can the community help? …

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Thanks @vimlesh1975 in this new forum and updating CMP time to time

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Thanks everybody for using this software. Your feedback improves it.
I have added a html template in oneliner.

Can i have your “Svt.Caspar.dll” source code.Thanks.

I don’t have the source code. But official source code is here.

Thanks for your reply

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