Simple Video Playout



I have some question about text field
If anmatie template for text field only type 10 word like “ABCDEFG” ,
but program input over 10 word like ‘ABCDEFGHIJK’.
Can i shrink to ‘ABCDEFGHIJK’. into text box.
Please help me to solve, thank you so much.


I like your program “MultiBulletScroll”. Thanks for your share.
Can you make a example such as Finance design Scroll. (with: Stock number + Stock name + symbol logo + number ) like following:

Scroll:(with: Stock number + Stock name + symbol logo + number )
04521 APPLE CO ↑5.53____04586 HBSC ↓2.53____04521 APPLE CO ↑5.53

Thanks for your help.


hi vimlesh so glad to see & to reach u again"
im try ing to look out my old post but its gone,…

so may i ask u again ?
i still cant play my video over network wih cmp
lets say my video on another pc on drive D (no folder)
i tried to load directly from drive it stuck,. but when i try to make a folder its worked cmp can load,.
note : i cant move it to folder its too big,.
really really need ur help vimles :cry:


Old forum link is here.

First we need to share the remote drive and map to local PC as z drive. Then a command like play 1-1 “z://myfile.mp4” play the file.

We can use the PlayFromAnyWhere module for this. As root drive files are not listed here we can use "open from anywhere button.


well the thing is,. when i put media load from root drive the caspar server stop running and cmp cant lunch

here’s the log he keep repeating:

[2018-07-09 16:26:39.273] [2016] [debug] Executed command: VersionCommand
[2018-07-09 16:26:39.273] [2016] [info] Sent message to 201 VERSION OK\r\nUnknown\r\n
[2018-07-09 16:26:39.273] [3468] [info] flash[cg20.fth.pal|0] Uninitialized.
[2018-07-09 16:26:39.277] [4100] [info] Received message from info paths\r\n
[2018-07-09 16:26:39.277] [2016] [debug] Executed command: InfoCommand
[2018-07-09 16:26:39.277] [2016] [info] Sent message to 201 INFO PATHS OK\r\n<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>\n\n Y:</media-path>\n log</log-path>\n data</data-path>\n templates</template-path>\n thumbnails</thumbnails-path>\n C:\Users\BACKUP-PLAYOUT\Desktop\caspar\server\CasparCG Server\Server</initial-path>\n\n\r\n
[2018-07-09 16:26:39.299] [4100] [info] Received message from 0 0 25\r\n
[2018-07-09 16:26:39.300] [4100] [info] Sent message to 400 ERROR\r\n 0 0 25\r\n
[2018-07-09 16:26:39.305] [4100] [info] Received message from 0 0.04 25\r\n
[2018-07-09 16:26:39.306] [4100] [info] Sent message to 400 ERROR\r\n 0 0.04 25\r\n
[2018-07-09 16:26:39.306] [4100] [info] Received message from 0.1 0.04 25\r\n
[2018-07-09 16:26:39.307] [4100] [info] Sent message to 400 ERROR\r\n 0.1 0.04 25\r\n
[2018-07-09 16:26:40.946] [2732] [info] Released ffmpeg tbb context.
[2018-07-09 16:26:43.954] [2732] [info] Initialized ffmpeg tbb context.
[2018-07-09 16:26:45.980] [2732] [info] Released ffmpeg tbb context.
[2018-07-09 16:26:49.191] [2732] [info] Initialized ffmpeg tbb context.
[2018-07-09 16:26:51.995] [4100] [debug] OnClose (ErrorCode: 10053)
[2018-07-09 16:26:51.995] [4100] [info] Client was disconnected, Errorcode 10053
[2018-07-09 16:26:51.995] [4100] [debug] OnClose (ErrorCode: 10053)
[2018-07-09 16:26:51.995] [4100] [info] Client was disconnected, Errorcode 10053
[2018-07-09 16:26:54.733] [2732] [info] Released ffmpeg tbb context.
[2018-07-09 16:26:57.732] [2732] [info] Initialized ffmpeg tbb context.
[2018-07-09 16:27:00.057] [2732] [info] Released ffmpeg tbb context.
[2018-07-09 16:27:03.296] [2732] [info] Initialized ffmpeg tbb context.


Root drive as media path crashes the server and client.
What i suggested was to let the media path as normal and and use “open from anywhere module” for opening the root drive files.

But yes, then you can not use the clipgrid to drop files in playlist. In that case File name can be typed manually in playlist as below-

And uncheck the “send file name without extesion” checkbox.



How to use playfromanywhere module…? I cant find it…


It is located in Others module-- playfromAnywhere


Now Files can be dragged from anywhere and dropped to playlist.
Thanks to @ekay for his continued question about his problem. I think It will be very useful in general.


Ha ha. You rock maaaaaan :smile:! I was just thinking about suggesting the same. This should serve as an excellent time saver and efficiency tool. Thanks again bro!


I already download the latest but still cant drag from anywhere to playlist ?

And i want to try use decklink duo for output… can u give the right command for decklink path?


May be playlist is locked. Then uncheck the lock.

There are various config files in C:\casparcg\mydata\Caspar_Cg_Configurations folder. Try to use for your purpose.


It worked pretty well for me.

As vimlesh suggested; first make sure the Playlist is unlocked by unchecking the Lock box. This would then make the Playlist “editable”. Then drag and drop files from everywhere. Makes work such a breeeeeze … :smile:!