The Wiki deleted?

Just a quick question… No one said before that the Wiki also will be deleted. Just wondering, cause it hadn´t user informations included?

It falled under GDPR also, I am sorry!

Alternative: GitHub - CasparCG/server: CasparCG Server is a Windows and Linux software used to play out professional graphics, audio and video to multiple outputs. It has been in 24/7 broadcast production since 2006. Ready-to-use downloads are available under the Releases tab

You can also contribute to the Wiki there if you are a GitHub user.

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SORRY OLLE, but that is stupid. You should have at lest told so. So we could have made a download of the whole thing. Please bring it back for a few hours.


The new wiki is more updated, @silid (and others) did a magnificent job there! We should focus all energy on contributing to the new wiki now, adding back things and keeping it updated. It is a fresh start. And also, so much is changing in 2.2 + more modern hardware + the transition from flash to html, so it is better to have a clean slate like this.


Hej Jesper, can you post a link to the new Wiki? :smiley:

But I’d have liked to know about the removal of the wiki too. I’m afraid there were still things that had to be ported over to github :frowning:

I do have a download of the Wiki and hope to able to do more migration, however I think the wiki is being moved from the server repo to the help repo to give more people commit privileges.


I don’t know if @Soprani or Armin plan to move the Wiki to the casparcg/help repo?

At least someone should have told us to save useful informations :-/

Fortunately there’s :wink:

That´s not the point… the point is that it wasn´t communicated

I get your point, but it’s not that we’re left with nothing.

guys, I was quite bugged by the loss of the forum and the wiki as well, but thinking about it now, I do see it also as a good chance for us. There is now the possibility to order everything the way it needs to be. Bringing up issues in the help section of Github is a quite good idea as it moves closer to the devs. I think it is also a good idea to have the wiki only on Github for the same reason. And we have a brand new forum thanks to Jonas and his team, which comes along really good.
Big thanks to all of you guys, I have been - mostly a reader - on the old forum since 2012, and the knowledge that went into it was incredible.

I do have a suggestion as well: Beginner guides, maybe in this forum or as a section on the Github wiki. This would help not just beginners but also advanced users to get more in-depth look into features and applications.


Guide, huh, cc @Nytamin :wink:

I’ve also been thinking about beginners guides! It would be good to have various step-by-step guides, all from getting started, install & config to explaining different specific scenarios, like getting html-graphics to work, or how to properly record video to disk.

I’ve started on a getting started guide here
And let’s discuss about which guides we want here

Did you read all the post?

Did you read the posts?


I need to clarify some things so this discussion can be ended once for all! First of all, the deletion of the Wiki hosted under was not included in the announcement, primarily because the more recent and up-to-date Wiki is located at GitHub, currently under the Server repository. This fresh Wiki will be moved to the new Help repository instead to gather all Wikis in one place. This new updated wiki has been migrated and updated by community members of CasparCG and could be updated by everyone with an GitHub account.

Extra thanks to @silid who has done a big job with making this happen and everyone involved! :slight_smile:

Second, I personally wrote a post what will be housed in the Help repository, Wiki was one of those things I mentioned.


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Olle, sorry of my reaction, but it would have been nice to also mention the wiki beeing moved to GitHub, as I, and a lot of users, did not catch that before and just were shocked by the fact, that it disapeared. Everybody was always only talking about the forum. And by the way, there were chapters in the wiki about creating advanced templates etc. that did not make it to the new home but should be restored from the old wiki data.

So for another time, simply comunicate so that the most stupid user gets all information he needs from one source and do not expect anybody to have any knowledge before. That prevents panic. For a lot of us CasparCG is the source of our income, so we depend heavily on these stuff.


No problems!
Armin did write a post about the wiki, among other things, adjacent to the one regarding the forum, in the same thread. Lindicot has the whole wiki but is not finished with the new wiki on GitHub. That Wiki has been there for more than three months. This is the problem with the forum, it lives it’s own life in contrast to the repo and development.

We need you Did, so please keep up the hope!

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