Simple Video Playout



I’ve mapped these locations but I do not know what to do to see them from the player level.


Making shared directory for casparcg media.
On server PCMake a folder on server computer’s D drive. Let us say mymedia
Right click this folder—property—sahring. Share this folder.
Right click on my computer–map network drive. Drive z–Folder= \mypcname\mymedia
Make sub folders on this z drive named video, template, log, thumbnail.
Now modify your casparcg.conÒg Òle as below


Now on client PC
Right click on my computer–map network drive. Drive z–Folder= \serverpcname\mymedia
Now run the server on server pc and Client on client pc.


In my case, caspar CG and your player work on the same local computer. Only files that I want to play are located on the server.
I mapped the network drive with the media as the S drive on this local computer. But I do not know how to edit the config file to let your player see this network drive


Make a video folder on s drive. Then
Tools edit Config file.
Then set media path as


Hi Sir
This is kumaraswamy from Hyderabad.
Vimlesh Sir. I am working as network and broadcast Engineer in Studio N. And i am a manufacturing Teleprompter and studio lights 4 Bank Cool lights. I am planning do my play out server with my self please help me


Hi Vimlesh 1975,
I would like to know where do I type in the
"<script type="text/javascript">"
information. It appears to me that you built the HTML template Module examples in PAL and not in HD. I work in 1080 HD and not in PAL. Also, I am also having trouble seeing graphics I built and saved as HTML in this Module. Can you expand some more on the use of what appears to be a great addition to your CMP programme?
Thank you in advance.



If you have following html file and open in notepad-

<title>Page Title</title>

<div id="f0" style="font-size :40px; color :Red;">Original Text</div>
<img id="image1" src="C:/casparcg/mydata/html/dd.png" />


It will work good from this client. But will not update. for updating you need to insert script in between head tag like below-

       <!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Page Title</title>

 <script type="text/javascript">

     function restorestring(str) {
        str = str.replace(/xxx/g, " ");
          str = str.replace(/yyy/g, "'");
        str = str.replace(/zzz/g, '"');
          return str

      function updatestring(str1, str2) {
          document.getElementById(restorestring(str1)).innerHTML = restorestring(str2);

   function updateimage(str1, str2) {
         document.getElementById(restorestring(str1)).src = restorestring(str2);

     function next() {'document.body');

  function pause() {

        function gotoandplaylabel(label) {
    gwd.actions.timeline.gotoAndPlay('document.body', label);
  <div id="f0" style="font-size :40px; color :Red;">Original Text</div>
  <img id="image1" src="C:/casparcg/mydata/html/dd.png" />



Hi Vimlesh 1975,
Thank you. I will do so.



Google web designer (or any other html software) creates many elements for its internal functioning which have id and we don’t need to update that. So i thought to prefix “ccg” to our intended text element id. Like I modified the element id as

Accordingly I updated the client code also.


hi vimlesh,.i would like to know,.

  • is that possible playing and recording on the same time using cmp ?

  • how doing record from two source ?

on extra options there is “-vcodec mpeg4 -g 1” is there any other except this one ?


Thank you vimlesh :slight_smile:
I can now play files from the local network.
There is only one more problem …
Files from the local network do not count down time.
Files replayed from the local disk work.
How can I fix it?


I discovered another problem. As soon as the player starts up, local files and files from the server count down the time. However, in each new instance, time is not deductible. The clock is standing at the party at 00:00:00.
Can I fix it?



  1. Yes. Record button on any recorder will record whatever is there on screen.
    But recording input while playing will require separate channels. So you may require one player and one recorder configuration. Open the 4 channel recorder from main menu and add channel 2 recorder.

  2. if no player and only 2 channel recorder is required then the use configuration 2 channel recorder. And open 4 channel recorder from main menu and add recorder for channel 1 and 2.

3.The option “-vcodec mpeg4 -g 1” is for gop 1 which is good for seeking.
Other many options are there in ‘others module-recorder-general recording’ module. There you can select video and audio codec.


  1. This observation is wrong.
  2. Osc information is used to show the file countdown. When you open new instance it uses the same osc port in osc module. Which is already occupied by default instance and you will not get the file countdown in new instance. So if you need one more instance for testing you will need to change the osc port. And this new port should be added in server osc port before starting server.


im trying to get the ingest video with same format like those picture,.

i tried the codec but the result not good,. the video is not smooth its like playing video with 1,5 speed than usual,.
what i tried is XDCAMHD422-prores-aac and h264-mpeg4-aac
i tried to change audio codec to pcm but the size result is 0
maybe my configuration is wrong,. can u show me ,. what should i choose ?


Thanks for this wonderful client.


Thank you very much for liking it.


  1. The higher playback speed means the recorded video skipped frames. It results from hardware constraints.

  2. Some video Codecs and audio Codec combination doesn’t work resulting in recording failure.

So it will be a trial and error to get your result perfect. We work mainly in pal SD and default option works good.


Hello. how to set up the logo to appear automatically for a given program?


Thx vimlesh…
I have alpha file with mov extension (running text) how can i play running text file with cmp ?


Please HELP! How to set up to auto start logo when start playing audicion and auto stop on end audicion?


I have uploaded a new version.

  1. Open playlist named ‘Playlist_with_different_logo_with_every_file.txt’

  2. Check the checkbox ‘play template with playlist’.

  3. Click Start Playlist.

The template file column in the playlist contains a template playlist made in template module which contains a single template with start time 00:00:02 and duration 6 sec. it means it will start after 2 second of file in playlist start and remain online till 6 second.