Simple Video Playout



Hi Vimlesh 1975,
Is there an AMCP command or another method to automatically record a signal input source from a Decklink input with either with the General Recorder or with the 4 Channel Recorder Modules?
As always thank you in advance.



There is file consumer tag in casparcg config which will start recording when server starts and whatever is there on screen.

            <args>[most ffmpeg arguments related to filtering and output codecs]</args>
            <separate-key>false [true|false]</separate-key>
            <mono-streams>false [true|false]</mono-streams>

For recording a decklink input you always have to first play decklink input.


Hi Vimlesh 1975,
Thank you for your speedy reply, what I would like to do is for example, record a satellite feed that has a fix time of 2:00 - 2:30 am local time.
Since CasparCG Server will be used on a 24 x 7 basis with your client, there won’t be a re-start.
What we may have to do is build a second system for such recordings. Also, is there an end tag also for this?
What I am thinking is if I can setup a playlist with a Decklink input, can I use an AMCP or a tag to also trigger a “Connect” command in CMP?
If not, I guess I will have to get it manned.

On a different note, thank you for a Great product. It is like the Energizer Bunny… it keeps going on and on… and I must add… better and better!



I think you are asking for a feature which is available in schedule recording in ‘Others module-> Recorder-> Off Air Logger.’

More advanced schedule work can be done in ‘Others module->Command Scheduler’
Just try and let me know if it fits your need.

And yes Thank you everybody for making this client more and more useful.


Hi Vimlesh 1975,
That looks like it! I will try your recommendations and get back to you. Thank you again!



Thanks Vimlesh for flashing me.
I just started to play around with your front end module and obiously i got to learn quit a bit to master your tool but I already feel that it is my favorite for caspar so far.
Thanks again for giving so much options.



Hello Vimlesh,

Do you have a list available with older versions of your software.
I downloaded your latest software (27 december 2018) and now i’m running into several problems.
Before i want to post them here i would like to test it with an older version because i didn’t have this problems before. Maybe the problem is in my own system.

The problems are within the builded software and also in the project files.
Running on windows 10 64bit with Visual Studio 2017

Thanks kindly,


I do not have much older list, But here is a list from December.

I downloaded the latest upload (27 December 2018) to recheck everything and found normal. May be you share your problems here so that we may know that something like this can happen.


Thank you very much.
I did had problems with debugging the code in Visual Studio 2017.
When i did run the program from 27 december Visual Studio started with debugging only after a few seconds i got an StackOverflowException. The program also didn’t really start.

I now tried the 18.12 and 07.12 version which didn’t have this problem. I don’t now why this is possible.

(I tried to run 27 december on two different PC’s, one on Windows 10 64bit LTSB and one on Windows 7 Pro)

Thanks for posting the older versions!


Hello @vimlesh1975

Im playing a playlist in a loop 24/7 now… works great!
But i would like to " refresh" the playlist automated (so scheduled task or query), of load another playlist and start it.
Is this posible?

Greetings from Holland,


When another playlist is ready right click below the last file in running playlist and insert it.


Ok, thanks @vimlesh1975… is there also a way to do this automaticly? I have schedule software, but i want to load the schedules automatic in CMP so it rund 24/7.

  1. Actually I cann’t understand the usefulness of this automatic loading of playlist. If we have all playlist ready we can insert one after another.
    If we make a playlist later insert that new that time.
    Anyhow if we don’t want to insert manually we will have to say somewhere that we want to load this at this time. Instead of configuring some other place to do this why cann’t we do this at 1st place?

  2. Time based playlist is right now not available. But it can be manipulated by 1st using the start playlist at time button. And 2nd maintaining a gap with a black image file between two loaded playlist. The follow duration cell checked and putting the gap duration in duration cell of the black image file.

I want to understand the actual usefullness of this requested feature.


I need this under Linux ubuntu 14.0.
Is it possible to download it under linuxsa somewhere?


AFAIK it is programmed in VB.NET, so no way for a Linux version. But there are emulators to run Windows apps on Linux, probably this can help. Please Google this for yourself, as most of the guys hanging around here do know nothing more about Linux, except that it exist :smile:


maybe the web html version ?


Hello Vimlesh,

I’m using your software from 07-01-19 at the moment and i’m running into a few small problems.
But before that, the problem that i posted before about the 27 december 2018 all disappeared in the previous and next versions, so thanks for that!

At this moment i’m running into a problem with Inser End in the playlist. I’m playing a video file, after that i have an inser end. I need a small break because i need to switch between the video and camera. But after 1/2 seconds i want to start a picture file (with F2, so it doesn’t start a ‘slideshow’). I discovered that, when i start to fast after the inser end (within 5 seconds) the pictures i have will start in a slideshow order. But when i wait a little bit longer (5-10 seconds) the problem disappears, and the picture i start will stay there and a slideshow won’t start.

A second problem i run into is the ClipGrid, when i’m searching in the root folder and press the “Search Clips” button i have no problem. But when a select a sub folder and i press " Search Clips" the ClipGrid can’t find any files in the sub folder. But i’m 100% sure that there are files in the sub folder (i can find them in the root folder)

I’m running it in combination with the 2.2.0 (stable) Caspar Server.

Again, thanks for helping and for the software, i’m using it with lots of pleasure.



Thank you for reporting the problems. I have rectified the first problem and uploaded new file.

2nd problem , this client is not able to get any clip or template from server 2.2 when 'clip search method is server". All we get from file system, and in this case everything is normal, we get files from sub folder also.


i’m having this problems :
1- 60 fps videos looks slow (like slow motion but audio sounds normally and get out of sync)
2-playlist freezes with some videos (m4v, mp4 and wmv between 10 and 15 seconds long), video runs normally but at the end nothings happends, playlist stop even if the video is the 1st of the list
3-i can see some horizontal lines in some mpeg2 / vob videos and i dont see deinterlacing option.

any help will be appreciated

  1. Video mode should be selected of 60 fps in config file.
  2. On playlist there is fps text box. Put there 60.
  3. In playlist there is filter column. Put there filter value. Or after playing video click yadif1:0 button above Casparcg window.
    Hope this helps.