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Hi Vimlesh 1975,
Is there an AMCP command or another method to automatically record a signal input source from a Decklink input with either with the General Recorder or with the 4 Channel Recorder Modules?
As always thank you in advance.



There is file consumer tag in casparcg config which will start recording when server starts and whatever is there on screen.

            <args>[most ffmpeg arguments related to filtering and output codecs]</args>
            <separate-key>false [true|false]</separate-key>
            <mono-streams>false [true|false]</mono-streams>

For recording a decklink input you always have to first play decklink input.


Hi Vimlesh 1975,
Thank you for your speedy reply, what I would like to do is for example, record a satellite feed that has a fix time of 2:00 - 2:30 am local time.
Since CasparCG Server will be used on a 24 x 7 basis with your client, there won’t be a re-start.
What we may have to do is build a second system for such recordings. Also, is there an end tag also for this?
What I am thinking is if I can setup a playlist with a Decklink input, can I use an AMCP or a tag to also trigger a “Connect” command in CMP?
If not, I guess I will have to get it manned.

On a different note, thank you for a Great product. It is like the Energizer Bunny… it keeps going on and on… and I must add… better and better!



I think you are asking for a feature which is available in schedule recording in ‘Others module-> Recorder-> Off Air Logger.’

More advanced schedule work can be done in ‘Others module->Command Scheduler’
Just try and let me know if it fits your need.

And yes Thank you everybody for making this client more and more useful.


Hi Vimlesh 1975,
That looks like it! I will try your recommendations and get back to you. Thank you again!



Thanks Vimlesh for flashing me.
I just started to play around with your front end module and obiously i got to learn quit a bit to master your tool but I already feel that it is my favorite for caspar so far.
Thanks again for giving so much options.