Simple Video Playout



Yes. Here is a streaming module for this.


Hi Vimlesh! The logo modul working fine but the template file in the playlist not yet… I do not understand why…


hi, I am new to your client. Can you post a complete tutorial (About all modules) on YouTube ?


It is a good idea to have some video about this client on YouTube. I hope time will come for this.
For now there is a user manual in help menu. For perticular problem I can see on teamviewer also.


Hello vimlesh1975,

I’m working at a local TV station and we want to transfer to using CasparCG.
We tried your client and we really love it. In the first time it looks a bit chaotic but after a while everything makes sense, and al the features are brilliant!

Now we’re running into a specific problem.
We would like to use one playlist where we can specify on what channel the video playout will go to.
We are using a Decklink Duo 2, where channel 1 runs into our video mixer, channel 2 to some television screens and channel 3 to some other television screens.

To give an example:
We have some video items which have to run to channel 1 and channel 3 at the same time. Directly after the video stops we have some graphic items which need to run to channel 1 and channel 2 at the same time.

We see it is possible to run multiple playlists next to each other to different channels. But we always will have an delay.

Looking forward to an answer, thnx kindly.



Hi Hylke:

I am also using client from Vimlesh1975, lot of features.

  1. To play simultaneously videos of channel-1 in channel-2 and graphics in 3, the following routing commands would help us:
    play 2-1 route://1-1 (This will route video from 1-1 to 2-1)
    play 3-1 route://1-96 (Graphics from 1-96)

  2. To attain non-delayed actions, the AMCP commands can be grouped (AMCP module) and scheduling the above group of actions can be done for automation (Command Scheduler module).

Above of any help ?



Hello kdprasad,

Thanks for the reply!
This indeed works for us, awesome!

We have some small things to work out.
How can we reset the route command?
Now the command holds on for every video.

Video 1 is routed to channel 1/2 (play 2-1 route://1-1)
Video 2 is routed to channel 1/3 (play 3-1 route://1-1)

But the command from video 1 stays, so video 2 will be routed to channel 1, 2 and 3.
At this moment we need to hold the last frame on channel 2 (which automatically happens, if we don’t make any actions on channel 2). After this, video 3 will also be routed to channel 1, 2 and 3, but maybe we only need it to be routed to channel 1.

And is there an easy way to implement this?
Like, can we maybe make a command list and attach this to the FileType?
So the only thing we have to do is prepare it once.

Looking forward to an answer.



for a routing command like play 2-1 route://1-1 Reset command will be
stop 2-1

AMCP module can hold multiple commands and command list can be saved also. You should write video play command, route command and stop command all in one list. Like

play 1-1 amb
play 2-1 route://1-1
play 3-1 route://1-1
stop 4-1

If You want to automate different command group ‘based on system time’; “Command Scheduler” module can be used.


Stop and pause works for me.

And for de AMCP list, i found how i can make a list and safe it to a text file.
Now i would like to make two AMCP lists:

(All of my video’s need to go to 1-1, so playlist channel is 1)
Channel 1/2 AMCP list:
pause (or stop) 3-1
play 2-1 route://1-1

Channel 1/3 AMCP list:
pause (or stop) 2-1
play 3-1 route://1-1

How can i attach these lists to my video’s? Or do i need to load it and click it myself in de AMCP Module?

Thanks again for helping!



Make the playlist full screen and you will find there is a column “AMCP Commands”. Put the commands there separating each command with double comma as shown below.


Hi Vimlesh 1975,
Thank you for a great work horse of a program. I was wondering if anyone else reported having a challenge with adjusting the aspects ratio of SD files/clips in a HD playlist in Caspar Media Player? I am currently running “update 21 October 2018” and CasparCG Server dc2e94b Beta 2 x64.
In my 1080p 3000 project, when I select “Pillar Box”, under “Conversion Setting” in the “Play List Setting” to scale a 4:3 clip to play in its original aspect ratio, it adjusts immediately, but when the all previously adjusted SD clips are replayed in the loop it takes the 16:9 ratio of the 1080p project. What am I doing wrong?
As always thank you in advance.

Hello again, I was able to correct the aspect ratio challenge. It was an oversight on my path. The solution is “putting a check” in the “Conversion” Box in the Playlist. The “Conversion” Box becomes accessible when you click on “Full Screen”.
I hope this can be of some assistance to others in the future.


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HI Vimlesh 1975,
I am interested in purchasing/building a new system to serve the purpose as the platform for Caspar Media Player (Vimlesh 1975 client), equipped with Blackmagic Design DeckLink SDI 4K for a 24 x 7 on Air Playout system.
I read the system recommendation ( but that was dated as last updated on May 2013 and it is for CasparCG Server and Client.
I have a few questions (i) can a AMD Ryzen configured system with a dedicated NVIDIA display card work (ii) or do I have to use an Intel Xeon base system? (iii) Workstation or server (do I need a system with a redundant power supply)? and (iv) Is there an updated turnkey system you can recommend?
Thank you in advance.



(i) I tried casparcg output PAL on amd ryzen 5 2400g with decklink duo2 and nvidea gt710 2gb. Worked fine.
(ii) Intel Xeone® CPU E3-1220 v5 @3.00GHZ, 3001 Mhz, 4 logical processor with quadro p2000 works good.


Hi Vimlesh 1975,
Thank you, I will provide feedback on the system I acquire. Thanks again for a great product!



Here is a htmlTemplate module in ‘Others Modules’ menu.
Search button Lists html templates in list box.
After selecting a template, it populates all element which have id and its innerhtml.
Image elements are populated with id and image source value.
For update from this client we need to insert a script in template like below

   <script type="text/javascript">

         function restorestring(str) {
            str = str.replace(/xxx/g, " ");
              str = str.replace(/yyy/g, "'");
            str = str.replace(/zzz/g, '"');
              return str

          function updatestring(str1, str2) {
              document.getElementById(restorestring(str1)).innerHTML = restorestring(str2);

       function updateimage(str1, str2) {
             document.getElementById(restorestring(str1)).src = restorestring(str2);

         function next() {

      function pause() {

    function gotoandplaylabel(label) {
      gwd.actions.timeline.gotoAndPlay('document.body', label);

An working Example has been placed there in C:/casparcg/mydata/gwd/v1/gwd_preview_v1/index.html, made in Goggle web designer.
Any template will work from this client If we insert the above script in template.


Hi Vimlesh :slight_smile:
I want to access files in player from the location:
this location works on the esplorer windows 10

Unfortunately, such an entry in the configuration file does not work.

Please help me to configure Caspar Server to see files from this location.


why don’t you share that location and map here.