Simple Video Playout



Dear Vimlesh,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I tried to open a CASPERCG window, and getting an error.

Please suggest.
Thanks && Regards,


hi vimlesh,. recently i just found there is *.mxf file with no audio,.originally there is audio there. can u tell me why ? can i email u the video?

here is my config


The sample you provided contains 4 mono audio streams. And only 2nd stream contains sound. Server 2.07 plays only 1st stream. So from server 2.07 no audio.

Server 2.1 can play all stream, but only 2nd stream is having sound so only right channel audio is available.


What ur suggestion? should download 2.1 server?
Can cmp run on 2.1 caspar server?


Yes. It is here server 2.1

Yes. CMP runs very well with server 2.1


So basically with server 2.1 no matter what audio stream is… it can play all audio right?
let’s say its on 1st stream… 2.1 still can play it right?
Sorry I’m very beginner on this… Trying to catch up…


i can hear the audio now,. thx vimlesh
but why the video became like this ?


I think you are not using nvidea graphics card. It is necessary for a good output.


Before updated to 2.1 preview video is fine…
this is my vga driver


So my guess is right. It is a known issue. For testing it is OK on onboard Intel HD graphics card.
Casparcg server hardware requirement is nvidea graphics card from very beginning.


hi vimlesh

which hindi fonts are supporting . i can’t find mangal font in your cg scrool


In horizontal scroll 1 and 2 check “base64” check box for Unicode fonts.
Font name is “Arial Unicode MS”


I also noticed this problem on one of my PC. Still looking for solution.


Hi vimles!

I have a question
How it is possible to adjust the logo control in the Playlist?

Best regards


  1. There is a logo module for it.
  2. If we want different logo for different file in playlist, there is a column named “template file” in playlist. Here we put name of a file made in template module which have a list of graphics with time relative to start time of the file in playlist datagrid row.
    Check above two and describe where is the actual problem.


Hi Vimlesh, I am using Windows 10 Pro 64bit with Core i5 and 16GB RAM With Nvidea GTX 1060. I already installed caspar cg server and your client. But I’m facing issues, after couple of seconds running the client, the server closed automatically. I’m very new to Caspar cg.

Please help.


Casparcg server 2.07 on windows 10 64 bit without internet crashes.
Use server 2.1 from here server 2.1

If problem continues post the the log file here.


I want to live stream to vlc or my app. can you please help me? I’m able to stream to youtube and facebook using your client.


Give command like below-
ADD 1 STREAM udp://localhost:5004 -vcodec libx264 -tune zerolatency -preset ultrafast -crf 25 -format mpegts -vf scale=240:180

Open vlc and press control+v
and put in address udp://@localhost:5004


Can we get RTMP stream and upload it to a server ?