Simple Video Playout



Dear VImlesh ji,
Is there something issue on Scrolling My video is not running smoothly while I play scroll on HD 1080i.


Smoothness of scroll is always a problem with casparcg. If the scroll is ok with pal and not ok with 1080i5000 then it is a limitation of hardware. Smoothness also depends on amount of scroll texts. There are many scroll modules in this client. I wish one of it may fulfill your requirement.


Same scroll template when run in video mode 720p5000 runs good and cpu uses is less.


When run in video mode 1080i5000 runs jerky and cpu uses is more.

Server version 2.1 beta2. Windows 10 64bit. Can somebody explain it?


If it’s a flash tenplate you’re talking about, then this section explains it:

I noticed that templates that use long movieclips with texts (scrolls, crawls) usually make high use of the cpu as all the textfield is rendered entirely before it gets cropped by the stage so 50+ lines would tanslate in a 2~3Mpx of data every frame. That’s a lot, considering vectors have to be rendered and antialiased by the CPU, let alone if you add any filter to that. :cold_sweat:

One workaround is to crop the text to a set number of lines and tween each block sequentially. Greensock’s TweenLite and SplitTextField classes simplify that process.


Hello Folks,

It is possible to play a rtmp url to decklink on this playout? If it is possible how can i do it?



I tested a sample rtmp url in server 2.3 and found working.


Dear friend, can you use a ndi SOURCE in the same way? Thank you.


Yes, ndi://SourcePCName/NDIName

To create NDI, “add 1 ndi name NDIName”

To Play from CMD line,
play 1-1 “ndi://SourcePCName/NDIName”


Thank you Kdprasad. Then it’s time to check this caspar client. It seems Ndi may replace Sdi connections in a production enviroment.


Channel Silence detector has been tried in playlist setting module. It monitors the channel audio in casparcg and if silence for specified duration a tone file will play in vlc in loop with 200% volume with 100% system audio.


CCTV Monitoring has been tried. It works with IP camera having rtsp streams. It works good with server 2.3. It has been added in other modules.


Silence Detector has been improved. It is now in other module.

  1. May alarm playing a tone file will play in vlc in loop with 200% volume with 100% system audio.
  2. Send mail.
    3.Two parallel playback system(may be non caspar) may feed to 3rd caspar PC. It may act as a switch for decklink 1 input.


hello sir how can in your software make schedule ?


There is many scheduler in this client.

  1. Playlist scheduler.

  2. Recording scheduler

  3. Command_scheduler

  4. Template scheduler


Can make daily schedule “like a series” .
Thanks for replay


sir how can see the image in out and when i press play for template not working .


Hi samir_assaad,
Please select the correct “Screen Consumer” setting that matches your Casper Server settings, from the drop-drown menu in the “Casparcg Window” Module.
Then click on the “IN” button to display the screen.
I do hope that was helpful.



thanks for replay but not working


Many playlist can be made, another instance of this software can be opened to make next playlist, next made playlist can be inserted in running playlist, but playlist can’t be loaded and played automatic.

No flash template was working, so downloaded the flash player active x from casparcg download page, first run uninstaller then installer. Then everything was fine.

As @pmart868 pointed; Screen consumer window can be docked by clicking on it and then selecting video mode in drop down list and then clicking the ‘IN’ button.
On Anydesk remote I found that there was no screen consumer added so it was not working.

There is no date option in command scheduler. But the 24 hour list once started will execute daily automatic.