Remote Triggering - Caspar CG Client

I’m about a month into Caspar CG, so I’m relatively new to the software.

I have a few templates made, and while I was messing around with the Caspar Client software, I noticed a remote triggering option with space for a UID. I was wondering if someone could give me a quick rundown of how this feature is to be used.

I’ve used Ross Xpression in the past, so would this be like a similar recall function that utilizes a key pad?

I would love to enable this functionality if so.

Thanks for the help!

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Well it could be :wink:

with the UID you give the cue its own ID
you can then trigger this with OSC if i remember it right with


it’s not that wel documented yet if you want i can search a bit further for you.

I made a little translation program in the past that uses a blackmagic matrixpanel to control
the client but this can also easily be made for midi where plenty of handy panels can be found for.


That would be greatly appreciated!

I would love to type in a number on a keyboard and it call up that line in the rundown.

Thank you Maurice!


just made a very basic little Electron app

it’s my first so it was more a test for me to see if i understand electron :wink:

maybe it is usefull



Is there anywhere that we can see more of the OSC commands for the Client? I could make a guess…

I remember fighting with OSC triggers as live code was always my choice for custom made clients but alas I never found how to control an ATEM from livecode and the OSC thing I was toying with to trigger casparcg clients ATEM link was not reliable

as far as I know the controls for the client are always based on the single items or groups in a rundown, which all have the UID you gave them in the item output options. Than you can use every command for the item in the playout menu.
and so on

Im testing the OSC Controll API or what i should call it.
And the ARGS need to be an array where first argument is >0.

So i checked the Source code of the client and came to the conclusion that its not possible to send data to the client to change Template data for example name of a Lower Third.

Is that corrent ?