Solved: Controlling CasparCG Client with Companion

Hi everyone,

I want to control CasparCG Client with OSC so i can push a button in Companion and start a Group.
I found the syntax: /control/UID/play but nothing happend. I also used some Apps like @Maurice78 Simple Remote Trigger
nothing happend.

Companion OSC Plugin

CasparCG Client 2.2.0 Windows 10

  • Allow Remote Triggering ON
  • UID: 3

OSC Imput:

  • Enable OSC Monitoring: ON
  • Enable OSC Control: ON

Some ideas?

Enabled OSC Input in the Settings of the Caspar Client? Set the port correct?

This video should explain it pretty well:

I did just that. In the 2.0.8 it doesn’t save the OSC settings and in the 2.2.0 nothing happens. When I address CasparCG Client via the Websocket it reacts.

function doFunction(){ var ws = new WebSocket("ws://"); ws.onopen = function(){ws.send('{"path" : "/control/17/play", "args" : [1]}')};

Is it possible something is blocking my OSC commands? Or is it a bug in the client?


Ok I have now tested Companion and the client on another system. (Mac OSX) Controlling the server from both the client and Companion works fine only OSC doesn’t work on the Mac itself or remotely to the client on a Windows machine.

Guys, I’m stupid as ****.

I never thought about just using the other port that’s there.

so “Enable OSC Monitoring” is crucial for OSC Control.

“Enable OSC Control” and the WebSocket port have no influence on OSC.

You might want to ask if Enable OSC Control should do what it says.

With this settings. OSC Control works with port 6250. and


Integer 1

in Companion totally fine for me.

Hi, have been running a previous realise of clint 2.2.0, and server for a couple of years. Updated to latest, even latest Companion a few days ago, everything seemed to work fine.

When I now start the machine, all at the same. It does not work to send OSC from Campanion to Caspar. Where am I looking? Can not see that gate has changed anywhere, gets frustrated.

Same here - tried to set-up my OB-Van on Saturday, ended up on working with

Will also ask the Companion-guys on Slack, if anything changed in the OSC-module