Flash template giving black boxes instead of transparancy when mask is applied


When creating a template in Animate CC, I can get text fields to be transparent, as long as there is no mask applied to it. Can someone have a look at my template and see what I’m doing wrong?



Have you seen, that the forum has a search function? Would you mind searching for this, as this question is coming up every week or so and is answered many times.

Yes, and I’ve been using it without luck. I found one topic that got me half way, but still an issue with masking. I think this was covered in the old forum, but that’s unfortunately gone.

I turned off clear type and aero and added a 0px blur to the text field. This makes text fields without masking transparent background. But textfields with a mask does still have the black boxes.

Try out the solution posted by silid.
Also set the mask to cacheAsBitmap = true;

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Thx @rrebuffo!!! The cacheAsBitmap seems to be the solution! I used the files @silid shared.