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Hello, everyone!

I love CasparCG. Its power is amazing, especially in the realm of templates. The ability to create dynamic HTML templates backed by the power of JavaScript and CSS is a huge thing for me, and I assume others feel the same way. However, there just aren’t a whole lot of publicly available templates. Most users (myself included) have to get by building their own templates. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but what if users could share their templates with each other?

Now I’m gonna seamlessly transition to the main point of this post…

I’m happy to introduce my latest project, the CasparCG Template Marketplace!

Template Marketplace logo

This is (or will someday be) a library of CasparCG templates, all free.

But I need your help.

You’ll notice that at the moment, there’s only one lower third on there. While I plan on creating plenty more in the future, I can hardly create enough to sustain an entire website.
If you have some templates that you’d like to share with the world, please take a minute to check out the CONTRIBUTING doc and consider pull-requesting your template. It would be much appreciated!

Also, I’m completely open to feedback. Feel free to open an issue or reply to this post with any feedback regarding site design or anything else!

Again, please consider adding your template. You’ll make little Caspar happy.

Just look at those eyes.

Thank you!
Caleb Denio


Thank you for starting this up, Caleb.

This will be a great resource for those still learning!


Thanks Caleb for this option to share. I made a pull request to share an template with source files. I’ll be adding more template as soon I finish cleaning the code.

Looks great! I suggested two small changes in the GitHub pull request. After those are resolved, I’ll merge.
Thank you for sharing these templates!

Nice, very helpful, to learn by examples.

You’re all set! Thank you for adding these!

Has anyone considered a for hire section of this site?

It would be cool to have the ability to hire a developer, give them a link like this and have them come back to you with an estimate. If the templates where designed correctly, you could change all the colors, fonts, text and anything else in real time on load so a client wouldn’t need to buy a blue version, then a red version, and so on.

I bet this has already been thought through any number of time, I just was curious.

Thank you everyone!

That would be very cool (and I hadn’t considered that). They could potentially be rather pricey (considering the complexity of building good HTML templates), but that would be a great thing to consider.

The site needs an update anyway (and maybe a dedicated domain), so I’ll look into it. Let me know your thoughts!

Sweet, I am glad to hear you like the idea!
My thoughts on price are that a Chryon or VizRT box will run for anywhere between 5k -15k+. Granted a client looking into CasparCG probably doesn’t have that kind of budget.
I would love to help out in any way with the marketplace. I would also be interested, if others are as well, to maybe developing a “standard” for loading, handling and playing out templates. Having a way to pass data to a template that is constant across packages could make the graphics more constant between developers and packages.
In theory, a developer could assume that the update, play, next, and stop commands all execute and handle the data the same and then the dev would be responsible for animating and manipulating DOM elements.
Please let me know if that standardization idea is a bit off the wall haha.

Thank you!

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I like this idea, the client and the developer would then negociate about price and if the templates are shared on the platform or not.


Agreed, maybe there is a discount / reduction if the client allows the developer to resell the package to other clients on the platform.

die k[quote=“ouellettec, post:11, topic:1918, full:true”]
Agreed, maybe there is a discount / reduction if the client allows the developer to resell the package to other clients on the platform.

I would not make this a general policy, as it depends heavily on the template. There are templates, that are very specific and can not be resold. The client could then get a discount for something that the developer can not get more revenue.

That’s a good point. The developer could just ask for the client’s consent to publish said template.

That makes sense.
My next couple questions are, how many people do we need to be on board to start some pre-production on this idea?
Should it be a public google doc / folder that anyone can see and contribute their ideas to (Trying to keep true to the open source community CasparCG has)?
I don’t want to be pushy since this idea is just gaining traction but I also don’t want it to fall by the wayside.

We’d need several template developers (obviously) who feel that they can build anything a client could want. We’d also potentially need a small team to work on the site.
It would be cool if we could get the CasparCG development team on board, but it’s not necessary.

I think anything we do should be open (maybe a public Slack workspace or something similar) to get plenty of community involvement.


I’m on board with that! Also, please count me in on the site development if you would like my help.

I would be more than happy to create the slack work space, just let me know. Also, should we make a new post about this on the forum so people don’t need to scroll and read though 15 comments to know this exists?

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This can move here: CasparCG Template Devs Hiring site

I’ve created a Slack workspace here: CasparCG Community

Hey Everyone!

If you are interested in working on the Template Marketplace, please head over to the official CasparCG Work Space and join the template-marketplace channel. This can be done by clicking “Channels” on the left side of the Slack app.

We are currently working on grouping everyone who is available into small groups that can work on a specific portion of the project. Here is a link to the sign up post. There is also more information on the team structure and the concept behind them. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

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