CasparCG Template Marketplace - Major Updates Thread

CasparCG Template Marketplace - Major Updates Thread

Hello everyone. I wanted to create a thread where we could post major updates for the template marketplace. The minor updates and majority of the communication will still take place in the slack workspace. If you are interested in working on the project, please head over to the CasparCG slack workspace and join the template-marketplace channel.

Original Template Marketplace Thread

Update 1

We have a design almost complete. It was built with Figma and anyone can view it here. Please feel free to leave a comment or message me for edit access. Thank you!


Design Review Period - Update 2

Hello everyone! If you have some time, please check out the finished Template Marketplace design and leave a comment with any tweaks you would like to see! To leave a comment, press ā€œcā€ and click on the element you want to comment about.

Design on Figma
Trello Board w/ Progress
Slack Channel