CasparCG Template Devs Hiring site

I’d like to introduce a new CasparCG Community Project! (I came up with the name myself :grin:) We’re potentially putting together a team to start a site (rather, a section of the CasparCG Template Marketplace) for hiring template developers. It’s still an idea very much in progress, but I’m sure that this can go somewhere. I’d like to thank @ouellettec for coming up with the idea!

Please feel free to comment on any ideas or suggestions you have!
Also, if you’re interested in joining this potential team, please comment down there :arrow_down_small:

Here’s a link to the original thread: CasparCG Template Marketplace

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We also have an unofficial Slack workspace, if that’s your thing.

I’d like to encourage you to use the official CasparCG Slack workspace instead.

I actually didn’t know that existed :grinning:
Thank you!