Which GPU to get


What GPU would be better for CasparCG, for CG only, not video playouts, GTX 660 or Quadro K420? Mostly SD and HD flash templates for sport graphic and lower thirds. I currently have inside GT9500, but used for testing only. Allso using Blackmagic Duo 2


It probably doesn’t matter. Your GT 9500 is 2008, and the GTX 660 is 2012. I doubt you can buy either new these days. Given that you might use the card for more applications than CasparCG, you might think of looking at current model cards.


We are using gtx560 with decklink duo 2 and it works great, but planning to switch soon. What is the ceiling for CasparCG? I presume it doesn’t have to be tesla.


I recently got a GTX1070ti to go with a BMD Intensity Pro 4K for testing 1080i25 workflows. I don’t know if it was a bad decision, yet - but so far it hasn’t run out of grunt.