Svt.caspar and response from server


I am newbie in c# programing and i need some help :slight_smile: i am trying to write clinet for caspar server using svt.caspar framework.i managed to send commands to caspar but i can’t find method for response from server. if someone point me on the right direction i’d be most grateful.

Thank you!

You can use my lib if you want. Look for
You just need to install from nuget. And also install unity package if you don’t already added.
.net Library -

Thank you! i will take a look.

Hi again. I need your help :slight_smile:

I took your lib to build caspar client.

Have first problem when i try to use connect:

Can you help me? thank you

Do you had the correct “using” on the start of the file ? Do you create the method CasparDevice_ConnectionStatusChanged ? You can take a look on my demo app.


I managed to solve problem. Thank you!

How can i get answear from Caspar server. Want to get this answear: