Slow Motion Instant Replay

What is the current state of instant replay with casparCG? This thread should be a place to gather relevant information. I am currently trying to evaluate the readiness and required hardware specs to do 12G SDI instant replay, assuming the decklink 8K pro supports it. That would be using a 4 drive NVME x16 raid array for scratch storage. What file formats are people using for the file buffer?

Here is an older youtube video of 4x1 @ 720p.

I’ve been considering doing a similar setup have you been using openslomo?

I’m new to posting, so first of all “Hi!” to all readers.

Since a few weeks I’m activly using CCG in a streaming enviornment for baseball and I’m also interested in a SloMo slution. LateGreat already mentioned openslomo which seems to be sleeping since 2015. While I was researching I stumbled across following possibilities which I want to share:

All solutions have some nice features and a combination would be great. The client of openslomo allows an easy multicam control, CCG/Mav uses the newest CasparCG version, Caspar Replay seems to have a ShuttlePro integration and has a nice feature of saving the scenes.

As I would like to use a 4/1 replay setting, I’d be glad for any hints, suggestions and experiences.