Simple Video Playout



Vimlesh ji,
is there option for two box?
like in one box blackmagic input and in another box video Clips from the playlist…
please suggest me…




This post has been updated.
A new module named Composition has been added. It has been tried to make like LED screen software “Watchout”.
After adding media it can be resized and re positioned . All changes works in real time.

  1. Fill command is applied by default.
  2. Mixer module has been attached to give all mixer commands.
  3. Double click and drag drop to change media from anywhere.
  4. Decklink or bluefish input can be added.
  5. Stream like udp can be added.
  6. NDI can be added.


Dear vimlesh1975

Thank you for your amazing software …
I downloaded your app and installed also im using casparcg 2.0.7 and when I try to connect to my local server using your app it works perfectly but when I install my server on a server inside my LAN with another IP like and try to connect to it using your app it crashes and close itslef …

it works with the localhost server
but it doesnt work with the same server on

there is no firewall or anything that blocks the connection since I am able to connect to ther server using the default casparcg client …

can you help me out here ?


When this client connects to a server it searches for media and templates etc directory in local pc. And in case if not existence it crashes.
So make a shared folder, map it as z drive to both PC, and make folders
Like z:/casparcg/_media
This should look similar to both PC.

Then change your configuration file to reflect these directory.
Hope this helps.
I can configure it on your PC on teamviewer.


Hi Vimlesh!

I hate to break this to you as you do so much wonderful work for the community, but with that new 1920x1080 layout the need for a more responsive gui gets even more important. My main monitor is 1920x1080 but the server runs on 1680x1050 so the output screen is half visible. I suppose it’s not that easy with VB, but maybe there is another solution? like different resolution gui’s?

The way it is now would force me to stick with an old version.

Subtitles in a live broadcast

Thank you very much for trying this client.
For resolution problem I have been searching for a tool which can stretch a desktop application like elastic. Hope one day we find something like this.

Casparcg client for slow motion has been integrated with ShuttlePro v2.


Hi Vimlesh,

It is possible to play a link from youtube on the playlist? It seems integrated browser for this machine does not support flash video. Or maybe I`m doing something wrong,




Use Server 2.3


I have a problem. When i connect my tricaster til the decklink card input - i only get the audio - not the picture. What can be the issue?

Vimlesh Kumar; Can you help thru team viewer?

Best regards



I am testing the simple video playout in the recording function using casparcg server version 2.3. We noticed that the disk space counters are not working when using the Client on hardware separate from the server. Is there a Client update that allows the space counter to work?



Actually duration of being recorded file is not taken from server. This is the reason.
For this to work,
Make a shared folder, map it as z drive to both Server and client PC, and make folders
Like z:/casparcg/_media
This should look similar to both PC.

Then change your configuration file to reflect these directory.



Look trouble:
When using version 2.0.7 server or the counter works perfectly:

when using server version 2.3, 2.2, 2.1 the counter does not work.
Server addresses are not viewed by the client:


  1. Server 2.3 have different config.we need to change that also.
    Anyhow if there is actual problem, I wish to rectify it. If possible please give me your PC on Anydesk Remote. Please send me Anydesk id in personal message.


There was problem and has been rectified.


I am new here.
Great software Thanks a lot @vimlesh1975

  1. Is it possible to stream custom RTMP server?
  2. How to setup NDI?
  3. Is there any video tutorial how to use this software?


Thank you @ajay for your feedback.

  1. Custom RTMP is possible, we need to test and see.
  2. NDI is best in server 2.3, We need to install at least ndi run time.
  3. There is no video tutorial for this client software.

Today a new module "Template playlist has been added in other module–template playlist. It is for flash templates. We can select a template, fill data, add to rundown and put its duration. Then after start playlist, rundown will play all templates with its data one by one with given duration and then rundown will loop.


@vimlesh1975 Thank you Thanks a lot for your support. I really happy for your patience and dedication about to make this software very useful. Thanks again.



wonderful option. Thanks a lot. I really happy for your support to make this software. Thanks Sir


Hi @vimlesh1975

Thank you for great playback software.
My problem in new version 260420_2 is RSS Feed - no title in video.
Any solutions ?


I’m sorry to bother you. That’s enough uncheck description, and all work OK.