Security Update for Adobe Flash Player


I’m using Caspar Server version 2.2.0 stable on WIn10 , before installing this update, everything worked fine, but after installing, any flash template is choking (play command). I’m trying to uninstall this update , but I can’t (it’s not possible). Maybe someone have simmiliar problem and know solution ??. Maybe only solution is reinstall windows 10 to version 1803 or maybe in my configuration is something wrong.


The update will keep installing back unless you hide it or disable all updates altogether.

I take the ‘no more automatic updates’ route and disable all WaaS services and tasks and Windows Update.

Thank you for reply. I will do that. In addition on server version 2.0.7 everything is ok. Well, I have to reinstall Windows.

Have a nice day.:smiley:

I suggest you to get a license for Windows 10 LTSC, install that and then block WaaS.