React Caspar Client

Dear forum
I want to share an work in progress ‘React Caspar Client’. This is for learning web based technology. This works only on casparcg server 2.3.
How to test=>

  1. We need to have already installed nodejs and vscode in PC.
  2. Download and unzip with 7z. Last update 18.09.2021
  3. Open two terminal.
  4. cd server and then npm start
  5. cd client and then npm start


Super work


It’s great. I have been waiting this for a long time. finally someone made one!!

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I’ve been enjoying playing around with this client!

Have you considered putting the code up on github so others might be able to contribute?

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Great work again Vimlesh. Working good… working good.
GOD bless.

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Thanks everybody for encouraging words.
I am new to github and now code has been published at GitHub - vimlesh1975/ReactCasparClient

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A github link to the client to test.

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