Problem with blend modes in Flash templates

I am using blend modes in a dynamic template I am developing and noticed that when I enable blending, sprites lose their alpha and black boxes appear at the corners of round shapes.
Is that a bug or a limitation in the flash producer? I am using server under Windows 10 x64.

Here is a comparison with blending enabled on the left and disabled on the right

I think this is a limitation of the Flash Player. So Caspar can not do anything about it.

I have had a problem like this befor. It has been a while since I have used flash to make a template. How ever on the text try to add the smallest amount of blur.
I think that is what I did. If that does not work I can try to find an old template that had the problem.

Edit: i ment to say in flash add the blur not in CasparCG

I agree with @jyeomans - I think the black you are seeing is the edge of the text box when cacheAsBitmap is not enabled. You can prove this by making the text box wider than the container and seeing if it is black.

This can be fixed by adding a blur of zero to the text fields (or your main container if everything is in a symbol).

Or you can update your template host files with the fix built-in.

Here they are pre-compiled with all my patches. These files should be dropped in your server folder and your template folder.


I had almost all the objects cached as bitmap as I used shadows, blurs and masks to get to the result I wanted. The problem showed up after I enabled the blending mode so I ended up using colortransform and a mask to get the same color as before.

Also ended up embedding the fonts. The idea I had was to let the client pick any font installed on the server but I can see that’s not viable.

I worked with ActionScript since the early 2000s and kind of used to it. I really tried to start making html templates but I see it very difficult. I don’t really know where to begin. I always hated Javascript for some reason and that still haunts me today. :persevere:

This is what I’ve ben doing, that’s all AS3 with no image assets… If anyone can point me in the right direction to do it in HTML, you are very welcome!
I read here about SVG graphics but I couldn’t find anything about color and graphic filters and how they perform (I know Flash is very slow when you crank up the quality)

For the fonts, works for me, adding a Blur filter and setting the value to 0.
Try that.