OLA, MSC, Show Control


So, I was thinking about adding an ArtNet producer and a GPIO/RS232 consumer to be able to create a full-featured show-control setup using CasparCG. I was wondering if anyone has done anything like this or heard of anything similar?

CasparCG old Forum

I think on the old forum, there were some tools to “convert” ArtNet to AMCP-Messages but that never worked out for me.
GPI/O is at least implemented in the official client. So you could trigger simple commands from there. I also once used a DMX/ArtNet to OSC-Converter and triggered the Client with that. But thats a lot of steps inbetween… so not really reliable, I guess.


As I understand ArtNet, it‘s basically a DMX over Ethernet. So you get a bunch of value between 0 and 255, that can mean anithing. For Caspar to give them any meaning you would need a controller (Caspar client) that interpretes these raw numbers to commands. So based on the address you could define it to choose a videoclip and play it etc. So I would suggest writing a custom client, that receives ArtNet packages and convert them to AMCP commands via a kind of lookup, that can be defined in its user interface.

EDIT: That seems to exist already and is mentioned in the old forum. Will try to find it in my backup later today.


I looked in the backup, but did not find anything.


I wrote the test app artNet client.
I got it to work as a test thing. On my computer.
I’m not a programmer at all. Was just somthing I did to give me a goal in my programming adventures.

It was simple proof of concept.
I can see if I have it still.


Any success so far?


Unfortunately I haven’t touched it yet. Real life getting in the way of development.


Actually a client that can interpret ArtNet Commands would be really nice. As an additional feature an CITP integration would help a lot to exchange the thumbnails so Lightning desks like grandMA can display them…


I have a plan to work on ArtNet on a grandMA2 soon, will share stuff there as soon as it’s working