News Crawling Tickers with png logo and txt

Anyone knows how to make Crawling thickers for news with png logo and text in Caspar CG. Thanks!

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You want to have the png‘s crawl with the text? That can be done, but involves high level AcrionScript or JavaScript programming. So, it‘s not described in a few sentences here.

The client here has a template called multibullet scroller. It has a interface also which have a datagrid of scrolls and option to select png file for every scroll.


Thank you! Great Help. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! will check multibullet scroller first.

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How about a just a font crawler would you know the actionscript code? Im using adobe animate.

There is another topic were I shared such a code

Hi! Can you please share a reference to the topic about text crawler? I can not find it with the search