Media scanner detecting

Have some issues with media scanner.
When I delete media files, it doesn’t update.
Why is that?

I have seen a similar issue, but only when I delete a file whilst scanner is not running. If scanner is active the delete happens in the server pouch database. When I subsequently start a standard client connecting to the server the client file list is correctly updated.

There is a manual process that sorts the system by deleting then rebuilding the database. The process is described in another thread. See

We regularly change the media folder when when Caspar is not running, and when restarting Caspar it still shows the list of content from the old folder.

I’ve found that deleting the folders media, blob_storage, data and pouch__all_dbs_ solves this and the correct media is picked up.

The deleting of these folders can be automated by editing the casparcg_auto_restart.bat to delete them, as described here:

Haven’t had this issue happen again since rolling this change out to all of our machines.