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Hello i want to work with casparcg for football graphics in ob van . What are the minimum requirements for cpu gpu ram etc

I think any recent gaming laptop will be more than good enough but you should get one with an nvidia graphics card

I am currently testing a new laptop with 12th gen i9 12900kh, 64GB ddr5, 3080ti 16GB, and 1TB nvme ssd. The Caspar performance is great.

Playing two 1080i50 h264 videos on two NDI channels, and overlaying a quicktime animation video with alpha over one of them, as well as playing and clearing a simple HTML graphic made in Loopic over and over again is around 15-30% CPU usage and 10-30% GPU usage and 10GB of ram, 2.6GB of graphics memory. The channels are also on 1080p50 so there may be some conversion going on. This is while also viewing those NDI streams in ndi monitor.

I would suggest not less than 32GB of ram as the only hard requirement as it’s quite easy to hit 16GB on windows 11.

I also had to disable Optimus / Mux switch where the GPU usage was being swapped between the integrated GPU and the discrete GPU. The usage was very high and performance slightly worse without that change. I was also getting green frames on Adobe Media Encoder outputs but that’s not important here.

I haven’t got to test with any output device yet so I don’t know if there will be a performance hit or if it will be easier than running the NDI streams.

Hope that’s useful to you

To be honest i need a low cost laptop so i need the lowest requirments…any nvidia gpu with 2 or 4 gb will be ok ? For cpu most probably i will go to i5 or i7 6th generation and 16 gb ram

If you are going to be bringing in a camera, overlaying your graphic then encoding and streaming you might not have a lot of processing power left over.

If you are just generating clock and scoreboard graphic you will be fine

Thanks for the help frozen. do we know though what are the minimum requirements for broadcasting using caspar?

i use caspar for timer, captions ,rosters and formations

minimum requirements are a tricky thing.
Do you want to work with a software that is running on a “minimum requirements”-computer or do you want to be above recommended specifications lets say if you are using Photoshop.
Usually it is down to that temporary you can use low specs but you never know when something will crash/stop working and that is not such a good thing.
Since CasparCG is made for broadcast I would use CasparCG if I need to output the graphics as SDI or interlaced and then I would need a laptop with TB3 and a Sonnet Echo etc.
If my needs where for streaming then I would use SPX-GC and convert html to NDI with SIngular Recast. Since SPX is just a node.js application you can run it an a lightweight computer.

my main issue is GPU , i see that everyone is having high end GPUs with 12 or more GB that i cannot afford so if i buy an older nvidia GPU with 4Gb is it going to do the job?

But if GPU is an issue why are you trying to use a laptop?
a desktop computer with a Nvidia Quadro or GTX is in my opinion a far better solution.
check out this post

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It all depends on your usage - how intensive are the templates, how many channels and layers…

We have a lot of basic football scoreboards deployed that run on ‘low end’ laptops. These run a HTML template with no animation (timer and added time, team names and score, time of day clock) and one layer of video, and a custom .net client. Caspar outputs via the laptop HDMI running at either 1080i25, 1080p50 or 1080p60 depending on what we’re outputting to.
The minimum spec we have outlined for these are as follows:

  • Laptop running Windows 10.
  • HDMI output.
  • Laptop screen must be minimum 1920x1080 resolution (for our custom .net client).
  • Intel CPU, 6th gen or higher, minimum Intel HD 530 graphics.

If you’re only outputting HTML templates and some video you can probably get away with an 11th gen i5 without dedicated graphics. The Iris xe graphics are pretty powerful for laptop graphics.
If you want to output Key and Fill from the laptop, look at the Black Magic UltraStudio HD Mini (I have not personally tested this but understand it does work)

This needs a Thunderbolt interface. The ACER brand if laptops have this interface also on cheaper laptops. Others, like ASUS only on the very expensive ones. I own one of these and a Acer laptop, that costed around €1‘100 or so and that combination works for basic stuff without a hitch.

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I will need key and fill so thunderbolt is mandatory…i found a laptop asus zenbook pro with below specs
I7 8th gen
16gb ram
Nvidia gpu 1050 4gb
Thunderbolt 3 port

So i will need for

Ur thoughts.

Sounds ok to me.

You can also try to find some refurbished workstation laptops , 3-5 years old that cost as new under 2000 euro now cost < 1000
Dell is the precision series HP is Z book
My precision 7520 is still capable to play one fill key with blackmagick ultra studio

So u think z book is ok with the above specs? Also which dell do u have and what specs

dell precision 7520 i7 6820 quadro m2200 32gb also the XPS series is powerfull enough and the new
dell game series G3 , G5
Hp zbook is the workstation series for HP I’m not familiar with the models but you can see the specs

If laptop is named as workstation usually they have nvidia quadro gpu (more stable but less powerfull compare with gaming gpu)

As I said before, sounds ok. As I also said: The ACER‘s have Thunderbolt on cheaper laptops as the ASUS have.

I am between asus zenbook pro with below system spec
I7 8th gen
32 gb ram
Nvidia gpu 1050 4gb

And dell precision 7510
I7 8th gen
3w gb ram
Quatro 2000 4gb

Looks quite similar. Is there a price gap? I would go with the cheaper or with ASUS.

No gap both are refurbished and asus is cheaper

Last question guys …amd ryzen cpu supported by caspar?