Case study: World Archery Federation – Hyundai Archery World Cup

Live this morning (Friday May 25th 2018):

This is the third year of running CasparCG for the World Archery Federation. 3 lightweight compact 4-channel machines run HTML/SVG templates for OB and a secondary In-venue screen.

Enjoy some great archery and CasparCG graphics this morning, and I’m happy to answer questions and discuss the graphics alongside.


Everything is SVG unless the template animating the arrows into the target being Canvas. We had to do SVG fonts for smooth fonts/antialiasing in 2016 and 2017. This year with CEF upgraded we run TTF fonts, but still use SVG for the layouts. Greensock has a simple way of morphing SVG shapes, and thats’s what drives the animations.

Performance was doubled by upgrading CEF too.

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Running from 15" MacBook Pros with thunderbolt Ultrastudios the first year, last year we custom built some small and lightweight hardcore i7 HD630 machines with Decklink Duo2 cards. They cost less, perform better and is better to travel with. And they look good, don’t they?


wow, those machines are just beautys
can you give more specifics (case, mb, riser) you used?
thx and wow again

The magic ingredience is the Logic Supply MC600 case. Riser from Logic Supply too.
It takes mITX motherboards. We ended on a ASrock z270 motherboard which gives Thunderbolt over USB-C for future expansion. The CPU is a i7 7700 i think, TDP 90W (don’t remember) which suits the case (Noctua NH-L9i) and powe supply. The CPU has Inter HD630 graphics which performs amazingly.

Then only drawback is the external power supply. Currently running on the 182W brick, which is huge. But I think we could have downgraded to 160W and had a smaller brick and a better plug.


A nice solution. I like the little boxes very much.

I’m currently looking into testing their 1.5RU rack case with an internal power supply for another similar case where wight isn’t that important.

Also, I have played with the idea of a Nuc build and Decklink Micro SDI M.2 card.

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How the scoring system drives the graphics:


I’ve been tempted to rebuild ever since I saw those boxes the first time :smiley:

The graphics look amazing, world class level for sure. I know it has nothing to do with you, but I always do a facepalm when I see people streaming interlaced on YouTube…

We have 3 different systems for streaming/graphics.

  1. 4 Channel in/out based on a microATX case (small 12L case with 350W power supply). Here we can use a low profile 1050Ti card, which is amazing for encoding. This can run vMix and CasparCG via NDI while streaming, recording, etc.
  2. Similar system but mini ITX and in a 1.5RU case, also with the 1050Ti (single slot) and the Decklink Duo 2.
  3. My favourite, a small 3L case (without GPU), with internal power supply and gen8 i7. This currently has a Magewell 4channel input card, but we will try the new Decklink Micro M.2. This system is something like 20cm x 20cm x 6cm, and it performs like a little beast with the i7 8700k and is super portable.

We stopped using laptops (and hardware mixers too…) a long time ago.

Do you know if the Decklink M.2 will have more than one channel?


Would LOVE to see a thread from you on those machines. That 3L one sound insane!!

Decklink SDI Micro M.2 is one in + one out at the same time.

The twitter announcement on Decklink Micro M.2 states it does full duplex 3G SDI.


Could you please provide a link? It would be awesome.

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From the PDF:

Miniature M.2 card with 3G‑SDI connections for simultaneous capture and playback in all SD and HD formats up to 1080p60. DeckLink SDI Micro also includes Black Burst and Tri‑Sync reference input and its miniature size makes it great for use on portable solutions which are based on compact computers!

Isn’t the same to say full duplex than to say 1in+1out at the same time?
It seems it has 3 ports: IN, OUT and Black burst/Tri Sync. I’m I missing something?

About our small form factor build, it is a good solution for streaming with graphics using CasparCG via NDI, but it can not output fill+key signals because it doesnt have space for a decklink.

It is 23cm21cm8cm, which is about 3.8Liters. Together with a GeChic monitor it is super portable.

Do you mind if I share the pictures right here? I don’t think it’s worth to open a thread just to show it.


This build has 2 SDI ports (both input) but it can fit up to 4.

You can see the 180W power supply inside the box.

The motherboard is based on a z370 chipset (for the 8700k cpu), with 2 mini-pci ports (one for the master SSD and one the Magewell card). We added a second fan to help cooling down the box, because the Magewell gets pretty hot.

For example, imagine using this solution as input for the master mix, add graphics via NDI, and stream. How does it sound? :smiley:


Isn’t the same to say full duplex than to say 1in+1out at the same time?

It is, I didn’t see @Jesper’s response, sorry for that. I hold the new forum layout responsible :wink:

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Here’s a short video showing a lot of the graphics, including the first iteration of the new Falco Eye broadcast graphics:

Never used SVG animations before.
Just never thought about it :wink:
as we speak playing around with bodymovin which is really cool.

one thing though how does the X value relate to the timeline in after effects.


i had the hope it was the same as the framenumber but in my very first experiment this does not seem the case

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Nice work.

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