It's there a paid tool for template creation?


It’s there a paid tool for html template creation for CasparCG?

I need a WYSIWYG tool where you have choices to place a video, config the in, the out, the looping frames of that video, place the text and font family.

Sorry for my english.

AFAIK there is no such tool. How much would you want to pay :slight_smile:

I think I have something you might be interested in :slight_smile:
I’m working on new software that will be able to do exactly what you have described. It is still in a very early development phase and that is the reason why I am not sharing it publicly. @siconova or anyone else interested in the project, feel free to DM me if you are interested in trying out the beta version.

I am currently working on a tool to create HTML templates from BodyMovin exported json files. The tool shall import the json’s and generate a wrapper around it. I started the project the day before yesterday, so do not expect this to be ready before autumn. I hope to be able to show something at IBC, for all the guys showing up there… :wink:

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Interested! :raised_hand:

I am working 24/7 (at least it feels like) with HTML templates for my customers (using and have found a ton of ways to generate them. Image sequences, webm -clips, Lottie animations, SVG / DOM animations, CSS transitions, sprite sheets, GSAP and AnimeJS, Canvas elements - you name it…

But none of them are super fast to work with. So “After Effects for HTML templates” is still missing.

“If you make it they will come”

So, if you guys want to share something I would love to take a look.

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Free online lottie editor, works perfectly with CasparCG templates exported with bodymovin/lottie from After Effects. You can change f0, f1… text fields, etc:

Can you please give a little more insight how this works? Thanks


I do not see the source code on GitHub, so not sure if it is opensource or not, but it just works. Drag and drop your data.json file and you’ll see the tags on the left and their values on the right, in the middle you can scrub through your animation.

Hi! Yes i’m interested, I will write you at the pm!

I meant more: How is the workflow? Whats the way from AE to Caspar?

As far as I know no one made step-by-step tutorial, but you can find a lot of useful info in this topic:

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Have you looked at this workflow using Tumult HYPE?

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