Hi - I´am trying to get a html file, made with bodymovin from AE to work in CasperCG, but the html file crash the channel and dosent seem to work? So how can I get it to work, and is the html file loaded as a template or as a web page?



After a quick Google search it seems that you need to have Lottie installed to play bodymovin. Not sure if caspar can utilize that.
HTML can be played both from from CG commands and the PLAY command.


Lottie is the player for stuff exported by Nodymovin, that‘s right. It can be used inside a Caspar template.


Thx. - The lottie player works, when i look at the html/animation direct in chrome, but when I try to load it in caspar, it do not load, so do you know anybody how has a working Html template, with at bodymovin/lottie element?


Is there a required chrome version? The version in Caspar is quite old.


I don’t know, there is probably. Have you tried one of the last Caspar builds? AFAIK the embedded Chrome has been updated.


I’m using lottie and AE to make the animations for the template as well.
Just curios if you have managed to make it work coz I’m currently stuck with making the client send JSON data over to the file and dynamically change the graphics titles.



We are using a group in the client with 2 html files, the one with the lottie player as background and then a another html file on top with the dynamic text - controlled from at webUI - so kind of not using the client for the dynamic text. But we can´t control the lottie player, the way want it.