Is there a very basic VTR type client for control?

We are looking for a solution at my work for playing out video files of various formats. We currently have dedicated broadcast servers for the majority of our needs but they are not great for random files that clients request us to playout. We have to transcode the files and then transfer them onto our closed network servers and it is not easy for most operators.

In looking at caspercg it seems like it would be a great solution but I am wondering about a few things.

Is there a very basic controller that can select a clip, que it up, and play (either direct or at a scheduled time). Basically a VTR like controller that most users would be familiar with? The casper client seems way overkill and I worry that people would mess things up accidentally. We have no current need for any sort of CG or overlays.

Can the casper client be web based vs software installed? Our computer network is pretty locked down and I doubt they will let me install software on every machine that needs it. I can implement a KVM solution if I have to but web gui control would be ideal.



Have you been able to get this client working under 2.1 or 2.2 yet?

We use it, but only on 2.0.7, as I have been unable to get it to work under newer versions, but I haven’t tried for a while.

If you mean the Xpress Client: Yes, for sure. Works fine at 2.1 (haven´t tried it with 2.2 yet).

What´s your issue with it?

Make sure you have the correct IP and Port.

With version 2.2, no media turns up if the thumbnails are turned off. I’ve not tried 2.1 in a while, so maybe it is fine.

With them turned on, it checks them, then gets stuck at Getting Media Files - it never gets to the main playout screen.

IP (localhost) and port (5250) both OK. Works fine with 2.0.7

Why not use that? Do you need any of the new functions? The playout works exactly the same way (I guess). What has been changed in newer versions are HTML templates and stuff like that.

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I am at the moment, and it works well, however, I may need to do some projects at 2160p50 in the relatively near future, and I was trying to get it to work - I believe that UHD@50/60 is not a supported resolution in 2.0.7 (certainly it doesn’t work for me).

I like the CIM playout software a lot - it works very well, we’ve been using it here for a number of years, and it has saved me a fortune in hiring stuff for replay - was simply wondering if anyone had managed to find a way of making it work with the newer version. There seems to be a difference between server 2.0 and 2.2 for clients - certainly the default client cannot receive back video replay position unless you use the newer version, for example.

By the way: Does anyone have a contact to the developer? Tried it via E-Mail and Facebook, but no response so far :confused:

Post on GitHub.

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