CasparCG ClipTool

CasparCG Clip Tool is a clip tool that scans predefined folders, and let´s you play it out on predefined outputs.
Each output is in it´s own separate Tab, so it´s easy to change a loop on one screen without messing with the others.
You have PVW que in the left half of the thumb, and PGM-que in the right part of the thumb. A discrete dotted line shows where the PVW/PGM split is.
Countdown of playing clip.
If you turn on autoplay, the clip starts when clicking on right side of thumb (PGM) and when clicking on the left side, it loads in the background and starts when foreground clip have finished playing.

Tested of CCG 2.1NRK-RC2
It´s not working with CCG2.2beta at the moment.

Open Source MIT licence.

A pre-build version for Mac is here, but as it´s build in Electron it´s easy to build for Windows and Linux.
Please Chime in if you have any inputs or want to help :slight_smile:

ver 0.5.0:


Update: 0.1.3
Added settings menu - so you longer need to mess with a json file.

Fixed: Gave an error at first run, when settings.json didn’t´t exists.

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0.1.4 Release
Tab menubar, fixed position, so it´s easier to see what screen you´re working on.

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Updated to 0.1.5:
Added Clip on thumbnail to load/cue file. Fixed TimerInterval for timerupdate was set to 2,5 sec for testing

Update: 0.2.0
Added Folder pr. channel, so each output looks into it´s own folder.

Added in 0.3.0:
PGM-PVW and mix.
Click on left half (60%) of thumb to que in PVW (background) and on right half (40%) to que in PGM (foreground).
When using PVW-MIX button the background and foreground will swap.

LOOP is now a toggle.
Cleanup in code.

Added in 0.3.1:
Graphical changes.
Take buttons now moved to Header.

key: 1 PVW-take of channel 1
key: 2 PVW-take of channel 2
key: 3 PVW-take of channel 3
key: 4 PVW-take of channel 4

Code optimisation:
No reload of thumb pix,
only check playing status and count down in active tab
Code CleanUp

Added in 0.4.0:
PVW-PGM thumbnail and Countdown of selected Tab in header

Graphical fixes (placement of countDown)

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Shaded background on Thumbnails, so you can see the Key
Changed Label from TAKE to START in header
Fixed: Minimum size of Thumb in header when no clip is cued.
ToDo: Reported issues with CCG 2.2

Added in 0.5.0:
Loop is now set pr. output instead of pr. clip. and saved with settings, so it remembers it after reload
AutoPlay: when on clicking on PVW autostarts the clip when PGM is ended, and PGM starts the clip immediately.

Update: 0.6.0

  • The status from the CasparCG server has now been moved to CasparCG-State-Scanner ( which is a small program you run on the CCG-server.
  • Timecode is now updated each frame instead of second (due to the CasparCG-state-scanners graphql connection)

Update 0.7.0:
GraphlQL Subscription based timer and clipstatus using CasparCG-StateScanner running on CasparCG server.


My name is Peter Nemeth from Hungary!
And I have a question…
How to make a windows application’s?
Please help me!

Best Regards!


Funny question, you could also ask „How to build a house?“

Have you a little background in programming? Any knowledge of a programming language? And what exactly should that Windows application do? Understand, that this is not a forum that teaches basic programming skills. There are plenty of such sites elsewere on the internet.

By the way: There is a list of Caspar related software here in the forum, that probably contains something that fits your needs.

Hi Peter,

I plan to pre-build it for Windows 10 in next release. (As we´re testing it on a surface pro)

But for now here´s is a simple description.
Download and install Nodejs:

Startmenu -> node js -> node.js with commandprompt

In commandprompt Type:

npm install yarn -g

Download and unpack sourcecode from:

cd to clipTool folder.

yarn package

open in folder: builds -> CasparCGClipTool-win32-x64 -> CasparCG-ClipTool.exe

Best Regards

@didikunz: I think Peter meant how to build it for windows. As it´s only prebuild for Mac for runs fine on windows. :slight_smile: