CasparCG ClipTool



CasparCG Clip Tool is a small clip tools that scans a predefined folder, and let´s you play it out on predefined outputs.
Each output is in it´s own separate Tab, so it´s easy to change a loop on one screen without messing with the others.

A pre-build version for Mac is here, but as it´s build in Electron it´s easy to build for Windows and Linux.
Please Chime in if you have any inputs or want to help :slight_smile:

ver 0.2.0:
New Settings window:

Main page:


Update: 0.1.3
Added settings menu - so you longer need to mess with a json file.


Fixed: Gave an error at first run, when settings.json didn’t´t exists.


0.1.4 Release
Tab menubar, fixed position, so it´s easier to see what screen you´re working on.


Updated to 0.1.5:
Added Clip on thumbnail to load/cue file.

#6 Fixed TimerInterval for timerupdate was set to 2,5 sec for testing


Update: 0.2.0
Added Folder pr. channel, so each output looks into it´s own folder.

CasparCG React Electron client - boilerplate