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Hi all,

At present I’ve not really used CCG for anything more than playing out VTs / graphics as video with an alpha channel. That said I’m now looking at trying to use a bit more functionality with graphics that animate in/out and can populate data from an XML or similar.

Watched a cool video from Seppo Sormunen about using CCG/Animate/E2C libraries and it’s a little over my head but hoping I can make my way through it - but wondered if people can point towards some extra tutorials or things I need to be looking at.

At present I do fight sports so would want to create a few graphics for that, but want to learn how I can do extra bits and bobs… a few bits I’m particularly interested in creating:
Countdown timer & round with the ability to pause
Player names with shorts colour
Integrating twitter posts

Name super:
HeaderText First/Last Name
SubText: Gym / Twitter Handle - with “next” animation to Fight record or text

Would love to populate from an XML (I currently make my videos with alpha using CSV files and know how much time that saves!)

I’d like to try and develop a bit of understanding - but may end up asking for help as my coding is basic and the thought of attempting something other than HTML might be a headache (I often make mistakes with HTML!!!)… am willing to give it a go first.

Any pointers/resources/tutorials etc. greatly appreciated.



Looks nice @Soprani
So Tumult Hype is an alternative to Adobe Edge?

I’m not sure it will be much different to using and I’m already familiar with Adobe so might be worth sticking with that (unless there’s something I am missing?)

With regards to design, I can do basic stuff, and basic animation… It’s more pulling data and the code that around that which is a little more difficult for me and what I want to grasp. But maybe I’m missing something?!!



Adobe Edge is discontinued, it’s abandoned by Adobe. Sorry!


Another way is to learn react. Watch this one.

If I understand that right Edge is integrated into Animate.

I’ve been watching tutorials on Animate - and it’s not so much the animation side I’ve got an issue with.

It’s the programming / data / making it all work with CCG where I might get a bit stuck.

Just watched a video from Jonas Hummelstrand - useful for the animation stuff, there’s also a chap called Geert Verhoeff who’s done a few tutorials as well.

Maybe I try and get the basics down for the animation and see if I can get someone to help with the additional bits :slight_smile:

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