Want to make HTML Templates without coding? Yes!

Made a video showing a really nice workflow without coding, to create dynamic HTML Templates for CasparCG 2.3 LTS, soon to be released. Watch the video and be happy! Of course, you can code a lot if you want. (This is my favo-tool at the moment)
There is also a GitHub Repo with a BaseTemplate for HYPE, the tool used in the video.



Great work, been using hype for a few years now.

Run into a strange issue where content didn’t always refresh which was solved by turning off the “Use WebKit graphics acceleration” option in Hype. Not sure if it’s a Hype bug or CEF, started happening in CasparCG 2.2 when CEF was updated to a later version. Same issue also happens in chrome browser when I last checked in December other browsers don’t seem to be affected.

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Have you tried 2.3?


Haven’t got round to checking 2.3 yet but the issue is still present in chrome so I suspect it’s the same in CEF.

Hey Olle I was playing around with your template the other day, and it worked great today whenever I export it to use in CCG, the text input doesn’t work. The preview fields work fine on testing, but the exported version doesn’t. any thoughts

here are the files if you want to have a look