Want to make HTML Templates without coding? Yes!

Made a video showing a really nice workflow without coding, to create dynamic HTML Templates for CasparCG 2.3 LTS, soon to be released. Watch the video and be happy! Of course, you can code a lot if you want. (This is my favo-tool at the moment)
There is also a GitHub Repo with a BaseTemplate for HYPE, the tool used in the video.



Great work, been using hype for a few years now.

Run into a strange issue where content didn’t always refresh which was solved by turning off the “Use WebKit graphics acceleration” option in Hype. Not sure if it’s a Hype bug or CEF, started happening in CasparCG 2.2 when CEF was updated to a later version. Same issue also happens in chrome browser when I last checked in December other browsers don’t seem to be affected.

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Have you tried 2.3?


Haven’t got round to checking 2.3 yet but the issue is still present in chrome so I suspect it’s the same in CEF.

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