Help me please with CasparCG stable

Hello! I have a Decklink Mini Monitor card. I installed Casparcg, it worked 5-10 minutes, I only looped a video for background, but now (few days) I cant even play nothing on client, I reinstalled drivers, versions I changed…Please tell me a stable version for server + client and THE BEST DRIVER FROM BLACKMAGIC wich is compatible. I need only for playing some files. I have Windows 10. Thank U!
P.S. Can u send me a good config file too for 1 play out?

That sounds like a issue between the Decklink and your PC, or a faulty Decklink card. I would ask your supplier for a replacement or in the BMD - forums for an idea.

Config files for one channel are plenty around here in the forum, there is a search function.

Please send me the latest stable versions for server and client.

See here Index of /builds

Thanks! I was looking to this section, but I did not understand wich version of Client is compatible with servers. I saw at client: Next or Master, at server 2.1,2.2, etc. Wich client+server u recomand?

I personally still use the server 2.0.7 on most jobs. 2.2 should also work, if you do not need the INFO commands (which I need). Client is 2.0.8

And for Mini Monitor should I use latest driver?

And if i want a newer version? What do u recomand?

I don’t know, you need to try. I have no Mini Monitor myself.

2.2 is the newest.

And with server 2.2 i can use wathever client i want: master or next client?

Normally „master“ is the stable branch.

At master client i use server 2.2 or master server?

Oh boy! It can not be that hard! There are different versions (called braches) and ALWAYS the master is the most stable and the others are not so stable. So take whatever you like and if it does not work try any other.

Actually the 2.2.x branch is more stable. Master has some new features that need more testing, and is missing a bunch of post 2.2.0 release bug fixes

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Good to know! So then he should take the 2.2 branch. The mysteries of GIT :grinning:

Thank u! It worked and played with 2.07 server and client 2.08, but after restart dont work anymore.

I restarted few times already.

After i restarted 6 times again it works. I have the latest blackmagic video driver.

Would you mind checking the card, as I wrote you already?

The card seems ok. With Blackmagic Media Express it works. Uploading… now it has this error too.

I changed the order of card in pci slots. Now it seems is ok. But i have