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I recently made some Liveshows with CasparCG for a nonprofit youthorganization and we faced some problems:

Today we streamed a quiz show where I created a HTML template for including questions & answers (1:1 like Who wants to be a Millionaire?). The thing is that all my templates are static. My template included the question + the answers from a to d. I can adjust the questions & answers with the dataparamateres and jQuery. But is it possible to trigger events while the template is shown? For example to highlight the correct answer?

We also stream a gameshow where two participants play against each other. Sometimes we have games where we want to refresh points while the template is shown.

Can anyone give me some tips and hints how we can achieve this? Or better some helpful articles?

If you need more information feel free to ask for them.


  • Lucas :slight_smile:

My advice would be to first check out the fantastic client Simple Video Playout that @vimlesh1975 has made and realeased to use including all the templates.
If Im not recolling wrong there is a template called quiz which you can study.

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Yes. It have this flash template which does what this topic asks.

You can use the INVOKE command in CasparCG to trigger functions in your template.

As a web designer (yes I visited your site) you already know a lot about HTML and JavaScript. See this post for an introduction into template building for Caspar. It should answer all your questions, also the ones you did not even know you have.

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. I will have a deeper look this evening. Caspar is a gigantic tool and my solutions just used the tip of he iceberg of its functionality.

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