Simple Video Playout

I know, it should be updated :slight_smile:

HI Vimlesh,

I have installed the new version of CMP with CASPER CG server 2.0.7 on a WINDOWS 7 64 bit (service pack 1) computer. When I am launching CMP I am getting an error : SYSTEM .RUNTIME.

Am I missing something ?

I have an old CMP from 2017 which runs fine on this pc.

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Is it work on windows 7 64 bit. I want to buy this playout and need some modification. Can you give me your contact. ( Skype, phone, email)

I have improved vision mixer module significantly. And wish to improve further.


Passionate work is looking behind it,very useful and smart features you have provided.Inspiring projects developed and modified by @vimlesh1975 .

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Newbie here … (first timer with CasparCG) :slight_smile:
This Simple Video Playout seems to be just what I need for a project.
Can someone please give me a simple step by step install / setup guide what I need to do to install the Client (and Server base) on a standalone workstation to get this up & running?
Thanks in advance

Please send me id of anydesk remote control software in a personal message (PM). Teamviewer not working for me.

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I Hopy 1 day I can use facebook comment on your app. Thanks so much Dr Vimlesh1975.

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Hi! Vimlesh1975 Can you change the color and fond in CMP/Multibullet?


Color and font can be changed by opening flash file from C:\casparcg\CMP\multibullet folder.
If you want it to change dynamically from desktop application then I need to modify my Application.

Thanks for the Quick Reply. It would be awesome if you can change Font and strip color via desktop application. please give me link if you already add this feature. thanks

I have a problem with election2019 module . Every time I hit play anything it failed to play and giving an error ’ could not find template ELECTION2019/TEMPLATE/FLASH/RIGIONAL_LANGUAGE/ALLPARTY/ALLPARTY
In every template .

Please help


Hi Vimlesh,
You have done it again! I can find so many uses for this new feature in the One Liner.
Just Great!



do you have a suggestion?

See the post. Server 2.2 does not have this error.

youtube live don’t work
Thanx again

Yes. I too tried but any live youtube video can not be played in server 2.2 latest version dated 07.06.19.
The above mentioned youtube video id when it was live could not be played and when it is now completed it is able to be played.
yoube video id =G6bv8rqyYFA

There is an open github issue here.

Thank you, vimlesh1975, for great job.
Did you ever tried to input data from livestat .xml file for live sports broadcast?

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Is there a module, possible to import external clock from txt file and to refresh every 0.1 sec. If I can read shot clock from scoreboard for basketball game.

Try Scoreboad OCR It is quite mature.