Hardware for new installation

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i building a new studio and i need your help to know what are the best hardwares to start

wich gpu , motherboard , cpu , blackmagic card are the best to ensure a live recording without freeze and issues ?

do the OS of windows matter ? if yes wich version works fine with CasparCG with 2 channels ?

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Here are the minimum requirements for casparCG server.

Can you give a little more information about what you are wanting to do with those two channels? Are you recording two inputs, or is one channel an output? Do you plan on using key/fill on any of the channels? What video formats do you expect to use? How complex of graphics rendering do you expect to handle? Those are just a few questions that would be good to answer. Many people have CasparCG rigs that are running on very simple older hardware and run just fine. Other people have issues with graphic renders stuttering, memory filling up, and high CPU and GPU usage. The type of hardware you need will be determined by the type of job you expect it to accomplish.

The Duo 2, Quad 2, and 8K pro decklinks are all great options. It is hard to go wrong with any Quadro graphics card that supports OpenGL 4.5 with at least 4GB of memory. CasparCG can make do with much less if need be though. While integrated intel graphics work fine for some applications, I have seen simple graphic rendering bring an IGPU to it’s knees. That may have to do with how much RAM was dedicated to the GPU though.

Recording requires the uncompressed input to be encoded to your preferred file format. If you plan to use the ffmpeg producer, it would help to look up to see what the system requirements are for ffmpeg at those resolutions, framerates, and file formats.

Lastly, make sure to put in enough storage for your system drive so that you will never need to use more than 50% of the capacity. I always recommend at least a 512GB SSD for the system drive if you have a second media drive attached. This gives enough space for about 300GB of high performance space for system files. The safe option is a 1TB SSD for the system drive. If a 1TB system drive fills up, than you are doing something wrong.

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The two channels are for outputs i want to read some videos located in the Folder Media of the casper , the videos are in mp4 - 1080p

yes one channel is key/fill to read an alpha logo so there is no recording with casparCG i use another hardware to do the recording

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I was just working on troubleshooting a machine someone else built with almost this exact setup. They are running some old .mov clips along with two different flash templates. I will post some updates when that machine is fixed that should give you some good minimum specifications. When I build a machine for someone, I usually recommend a quadro P1000 or better. The older K2200 is probably good enough, but I believe the K2000D doesn’t have enough of something to playback video smooth while doing graphics. There is also one machine that is running a 1660ti series GTX card that works fine. Muliti core CPU’s are also helpful.

Is this a budget machine that will only ever run this type of task for it’s entire life, or do you want space to expand? The Decklink Duo 2 would work just fine for HD work, but the Quad 2 gives a bunch of extra ports for things like clock monitors, projector management, and other features. Extra ports and processing capacity can also be used as a backup for streaming encoders or video switching if dedicated equipment fails.

I’ll post a follow up once I get that machine working properly. Let me know if you want help building a server specifically for this task.

Here is a thread to read.

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Ok thank you for the informations i will go with a Quadro P2000 and a Decklink 4k extreme
Thanks Again !

I would recommend going with the Decklink 8k pro if you want 4k capability, otherwise the Decklink Duo 2 and Decklink Quad 2 work a lot better for key/fill outputs. You will not be able to output 1 key/fill and still use the second output with the 4K extreme. If you are looking at 4K operation you might also want to consider the newer Quadro T2000 lineup as it is the successor to the Quadro P2000. The Quadro P2000 is a good choice for any HD applications though. I don’t have data about how it does with 4K.

With the decklink Duo 2, you can have 1 channel with key/fill on SDI ports 1 and 2, with your second channel output on SDI port 3. SDI port 4 is available as a spare that can be used as a separate input or output if you don’t need a key output on the second channel.

I have used the decklink Quad 2 with the following configuration.
1 Ch1 CG fill
2 Ch1 CG key
3 ch2 playback
4 Input: Program Video in
5 Input: PowerPoint (presentation) in
6 Input: PowerPoint Presenters View in
7 Ch3 out (talent clock overlay on presentation or presenter’s view)
8 Ch4 out Projector

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Ok thank you for the informations i will try with the T2000 and Decklink quad 2 because im i dont need 4k