Flash template performance issue

Hello everyone!
Here is my problem: strange reaction of CasparCG on AMCP commands. It looks like command were received. But execution of this command is delayed about 1 second. Also animation is “low-performanced”… all this is about Flash templates. Video playing normally right after command “PLAY” is received. Only Flash templates acts like this… what it could be?

With this little information given it can be everything.

Didi, here is the “symptoms”: only flash templates behave as described. Also there is such behavior when I “debugging” templates in Animate CC. The same “low-performance”. I do not use any elements on timeline and stage. Only action script 3.

I can understand what you say. But you should give a bit more informations about your Harware, Processor, GPU, memory etc. Just out of nothing we can not point you in any direction.

Dell G5 5590, Intel Core I-7, GPU GTX-1660 Ti. One more detail: in Caspar’s install instructions there is a point: install flash activeX. This is the only thing I can not install. Windows 10 tells me, that I already had latest version of flash player in internet exprorer. ActiveX is the only thing that differ my new notebook from previous graphic server. And I think it is a main problem why flash templates is so slow