Flash Templates Lagging on Play

I’ve noticed my Flash Templates starting to lag on the start animation (fade in before the outro stop).

This started to happen even on my old templates, so I’ve tried testing on Windows 7 and the lag was not happening.

I do believe it was some Windows 10 Update, because everything was normal before and started from nowhere, and since Adobe Flash in bundled with the system now I’ve noticed too my Windows Update was installing some Adobe Flash updates.

Has anyone else noticed this happening on their systems as well? Other thing that I’ve noticed is that if a Flash Template is active (at least on the same layer), the lag will not happen either.

I will try to uninstall those updates later and see if this solves the problem, but any advice for now will be helpful!

Btw, my Windows Power Setting is set to High Performance.


I had that issue. Just uninstalled the flash player update and blocked all windows updates. It was a June update.

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In one of my Caspar’s Machine I had an Adobe Flash update from September, after unistalling the problem was solved here also, I will test on my other machines later, but good to know that I’m not the only one!

The issue not only lags the template, it delays the whole flash producer when loading a new template host, and in the meantime also delays all AMCP calls to the server. Operators were waiting up to 10 seconds to the server to respond. Trying to restart the server remotely didn’t help as the command was not processed.