Flash end of life

In December Flash will be end of life. In the Insiders Preview build of windows 10 this is already removed/disable which also has effect if using Flash templates in Caspar.

The question is there an alternative for this? How will you guys find a workaround for this?

It looks more and more like anyone who wants to continue using Flash templates would need to run an outdated windows version and likely a rather old version of Flash also (it’s seems that there has been a deadswitch in Flash releases for a couple of years which will stop it from executing).

I’ve said this for a long time, move all templates to HTML and stop using Flash.

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I also believe HTML templates is the way to go. A ton of libraries and other tooling available to support html + js development.

(And a shameless plug: There is a “GC” control client I have developed for a workflow around managing and playing out HTML templates with CasparCG (and others). You may find it interesting: smartpx.fi/gc)

This is a shame as flash looks much better for those working in SD and the workflow from Adobe Animate was slick.

@hreinnbeck What can you tell me about the deadswitch?

Someone might want to check what happens if they set the clock forward to 2021. Though it might be smarter than a simple check for date.

We are longtime CasparCG users and we are well aware of the fact that sooner rather than later we will have to move from Flash to HTML.

From my understanding HTML offers the same features that Flash has, also when it comes to internal code that manages the appearance and the playout of the template (I have many templates with several hundreds lines of AS3 code inside).

In your opinion, what is the software that will offer the smoother learning curve migrating from Flash when it comes to creating templates?

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What will happen to the projects that running flash ?
If clients/PC dont have internet will be ok ?

I think I will write to Adobe to bring light into this and will post back asap.


Does this article help?

I’m unsure if the link to these guys may help too?

I contacted them, it does not help. They offer a browser with a branded Flash player for $25’000 per apllication and year. It does not look like they can offer a Flash OCX without a browser around it, and the price is nothing I would want to sponsor :slight_smile:

It is, undoubtedly, time to move on. The sooner we all make the switch, the better.

You are right, but I have clients with lots and lots of Flash templates…


All of my clients running without internet connection
I dont know is it possible microsoft/adobe disable Flash in those PC’s without internet access there is some patch that already running with timeout ??.
As its impossible for me to switch all my existing projects I hope without internet will be ok and from now on I will start to develop on html.

An extra question have anyone use Adobe Animate to export templates to HTML and work with Caspar because Animate UI is nearly the same with old Flash Professional we used so the transition will be more easy
thanks for your answers

I feared it might be something like that :frowning:

I have couple question because I not understand very well. Does this mean that Windows 10 will completely delete the Flash player and the Caspar server will no longer be able to use it and run it? If this is true, how (and who) will they do it? With some update or is it already built into newer versions to shut down on 31.12.2020? What will happen on Windows 7?

This will be a separate windows update, so doesn’t Mather which windows you have. The Flash removal update will be available as an optional update on Windows Update and WSUS in early 2021. A few months later Microsoft will recommend the Flash removal update be installed and it “will be permanent and cannot be un-installed”, says Microsoft

If I disable Windows update at all and I don’t connect computer at internet ?

Yes, of course if you disable windows update it probable will be fine. For us Caspar is running on regular office pc where the user also browses the web, so that’s no option for us.

I think so too. But what if the operating system has to be reinstalled (a problem occurs)?
I asked about Windows 7 because all newer BlackMagic Decklink cards have updated drivers for Windows 7 and that operating system can always be installed and Flash works on it (it can be manipulated). Of course all this until the template is transferred to HTML.

At least all this does not sound as all Flash templates will stop working at the 1st of January 2021. So we will have a little bit more time to rebuild everything in HTML.

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