Deleted files still appearing in CasparCG Client

I’we ran into unusual problem on two installations on two different computers. With CasparCG Server 2.2.0 stable and Client 2.2.0-rc1, files deleted in media folder are still there in Client, although they obviously can not be played when run from rundown window. Deleting “.CasparCG” directory in user home directory, which Client creates again on start, did not help either.

Any idea what can cause this?

Sometimes it helps to remove the ‘_media’ folder that scanner makes.
Scanner automaticly rebuilds it on restart

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There is a function in the client to refresh the list of files.

Same as here:
It’s a recurring issue, mostly happens when you move files or delete them from a network drive. Sometimes the media scanner won’t keep track of that.
Deleting both folders with underscores in the server folder and restarting the scanner solves the issue (as a workaround, I guess).

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to didikunz: I restarted both applications, not only “Refresh-ed Library”, and it did not work.

Thanks rrebuffo! Deleting ‘_media’ and ‘pouch__all_dbs__’, and restarting both scanner and server does the job as a workaround.

Is this already reported as bug on GitHub, or should I do it?

This would help

Mystery solved, explaining here because it may be useful to someone who meets the same problem: The cause was bug in Scanner which causes Scanner to stop working if Ethernet cable is unplugged from the computer. It took me few weeks troubleshooting this before I checked if the cable is plugged or not, because it makes little sense it can be related.

On my side: while cable is unplugged no new files that are added to the media folder can not be seen by the CasparCG client, and those deleted are still appearing in the Client. When cable is plugged everything starts to work. If someone has time please test if it’s the same on your side.

It actually makes a lot of sense. I was experiencing that issue mainly in a setup with many ethernet dropouts across all the network, with NDI lagging and ATEM panels freezing up. Also Premiere Pro exports hanging.

Just to help very new users, the “_media” folder and the “pouch_all_dbs” are located in the Caspar CG Server folder that you are running.

I just had this same issue with my new install and deleting these two folders fixed the issue.

This saved the day.

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