Reset CasparCG Client



I’ve been using CasparCG for the past couple weeks, preparing for a live show. It’s amazing for video playback, but I do have one question. Can the media library be cleared? I know that the thumbnails can, but I’m not sure about the actual media.
There are several videos that I’ve deleted, but they’re still in the client. It’s getting kind of crowded :grin:
Thank you!


Ctrl+R to refresh the library and the items removed from the media folder should disappear.
Actually they should not appear at all once you restart the client.


There is also a menu item, if you are, like me, too stupid to remember all these keyboard shortcuts :smiley:


That didn’t seem to work. I ran the CLS command on the server, and it still listed the deleted media. It’s definitely not a problem, though.


Are you sure, that you were looking at the correct CasparCG folder? And that there is not a second instance connected, that still has the file? Because that works reliably on my machines.


I actually moved the files into a sub-folder instead of deleting them, so maybe that made a difference.


There is a folder in server folder name “pouch__all_dbs__”

Delete all files from there.


Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the server anymore (it was a high school graduation, and school’s over now). I haven’t had any problems with other Caspar servers, so I’m guessing it was user fault :grinning:
Thank you, everyone!