DDPlayout - simplify broadcasting

DDPlayout version 5 will be out shortly and will be available for free download on this thread . Till then further download of DDPlayout will be unavailable It will have the following additional features from previous version:

  1. Use of server less database to ensure easier installation, no need to install separate database.
  2. HTML templates
  3. Support for all CasparCG video formats.
  4. Proper HD to SD conversion using letterbox/center cut/ anamorphic and vice versa.

Installation steps:

  1. Download from the following DDPlayout download link and copy to your local drive.

  2. Download and install CasparCG 2.2.0 from this link

  3. Adjust your display screen resolution to 1920x 1080 and don’t use Aero theme. Change power-saving mode and sleep mode to never.

  4. Start CasparCG and confirm creation of two screen consumers.

  5. Start DDPlayout. By default, it will start in administrative mode.

Hardware as recommended in CasparCG official website.


Professional look, Please provide download link. Thanks.

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I got this?


Seems weird to me, I put all files from your templates folder into mine and it does not work. At least it should find the .ft files, as these were present. And the error message should say, where the program expects these files to be, or it should try to copy them were it needs them.

Please redownload DDPlayout.exe again. To make debugging easier I used fixed directory names during testing, but corrected and uploaded. After installing MySQL, run …\ddplayout\tools\dbimporter.exe once. Remotely installed the software in 6 stations already, I will be glad if you report any issues during the installation. Thanks.

Edited: To make installation easier, ddplayout will automatically change the CasparCG.config. No need to change it manually. The old configuration will be renamed as casparcg_old.config. Please download ddplayout.exe again.

Why do you need specific paths? Why not simply use the paths from the config? There is an INFO command that returns them.

@didkunz: Media subfolders under ddplayout\media will practically comprise of network drives and the database engine needs exact location later. So I prefer to keep them separate. This client will automatically searched for the installed location of CasparCG and parse the configuration file. Also, I am not using INFO command for compatibility between different versions of CasparCG. If require, I can assist in the remote installation. Thanks for the input.

@Admin Why this topic is unlisted. Please do the needful.

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When a new user creates an account and then copy pastes a post, the system automatically “silences” that user meaning they cannot start new topics. I’ve listed the post now.

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Will this software be freeware? Or is it just another case of “beta test and train my AI for free for me then I charge you for it”-ware? Hope not.

@rrebuffo: It’s definitely free. Earlier versions were deployed for 24x7, but this version, rewritten for additional features and compatibility with CasparCG 2.2.0, is still in development. I am not as experienced as the SVT developer team, so if you find any issue please report so that it can be fixed.

Great! So no future disruptive plans for it then? Hehe

I tried to run it but won’t let me as my monitor is not 1080p. It should take that possibility in account. Also after forcing 1080p won’t run either, throwing some MySQL error. I have a WAMP develompent server installed locally so MySQL 5 could be messing with it.

Trying to download product but having a problem loading MySql 8.0 Server. Says installation failed. As it has failed to load DDPlayout can’t commuicate with it.

I am using Windows 7. Any ideas?

@gvh21961: Are you able to launch MySQL command line client ( in admin mode) from your windows? Any other message logged by the dbimporter? While running dbimporter.exe, you need to specify MySQL’s root password. dbImporter creates the playout user with permissions so that the playout databases can be imported to your MySQL. It also searches for the directory of MySQL.exe using SQL query.

HI, I am trying to install your software and give it a try. The SQL installation require server version or client version ?
Also, is it possible in your player to have 2 playlist for 2 different port (channels) in the same window ?

Only SQL server will suffice.

No. Connect live input to channel 2 and the transmission output to channel 1. The playout is meant for (1 +1) redundancy. The second system can be used for ingest/playlist preparation/standby playout. Ingest part will be made available shortly.

So, it is meant for 1 channel playout only ? If I need for another channel I need it do it for another machine ?

Yes, it’s meant for a single channel playout, but i think it can be adapted for a multi-channel playout as CasparCG is very flexible. Btw how did the installation went?Able to operate without difficulty?

Thank you very much for responding. I was able to install a previous version of MySQL Server 8.0 (8.0.19 was not installing but 8.0.12 did install). Really don’t know why. 8.0.11 installed properly as well. Was able to make contact and connection via Dbimporter and it said it installed correctly. Launched CasparCG without any problems, however, now when I launch DDPlayout is says “DDPlayout has stopped working”. I am getting close but I’m not there yet.

I only installed MySQL Server. Was there anything else I should have installed from the MySQL installer?

Perform the following database manual check- launch MySQL command line client and login. Type USE MAINDB; then SHOW COLUMNS FROM MAINTABLE;

Also check the modified casparcg.config under casparcg folder, it should match playout folder. If the casparcg paths are non-existent, server may freeze and so is the playout. At the first launch, playout configures settings and it should prompt to restart casparcg, did it prompted ?