CasparTitler bad working

Hello, everyone please help me.
CasparTitler_3.1.42 the line speed on the air slowed down.
The problem has occurred recently, the client startup equipment has been replaced

Hi Joni, what are you talking about?

CasparTitler is not a program, that is supported on this forum, as it seems to be something built by somebody. Can you give more details or contact the author of this program?

Sorry, information about the developer has already been released, it was just necessary urgently. The topic can be closed, thank you for your response

… what is CasparTitler? Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

It seems, that we already had a thread about it a while ago.

I called mine TitleCG, written in Livecode. It’s a while back now, but the code is still at the original address. Index of /bern/titler


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