Giving back - a basic titler

A couple of years ago on the old forum I asked lots of questions in my need to build a basic lower thirds titler that my students could use without any complicated instruction.

It was made in Livecode, which, like CasparCG, is free (for non-commercial). I asked lots of questions on the Livecode forum too. Eventually it worked, and I discovered that I could also make it play clips, put bugs on screen and do simple scorecard lower thirds.

I’ve put the results here - It includes a Flash-made template for a lower third (basic2a.ft), and another for a lower third scorecard that we used for a silly quiz. The main exe file is called TitleCG.exe and there’s also the Livecode project file, as required by their licence. I’m not king of the coders, but it works very reliably.

There’s also intro1.mxf, which if you put it in the media folder, start the server then run TitleCG.exe it will play to show that it’s operational. Very useful in our training studio where things get screwed around with all the time.

Please feel free to download and use. GNU licence - don’t sell my work!

Now I’m looking for someone to do a simple tutorial on how to do dynamic text so that I can create lower thirds with HTML5. I see lots of discussion but no obvious fix. All help gratefully accepted.



This seems like an interesting project. Do you have any zip file to download?

Just follow the link and download the files. Some are optional - mostly intro.mxf, which is big - so no zip file.

I’d like to know how people get on.