CasparCG wishlist



This is a free and creative discussion around ideas and wishes for new fun things to do on the CasparCG platform.

- What do you want added or changed in CasparCG?
- How do you want to use CasparCG, but struggle to do today?
- What is the missing feature of your dreams?

This thread is not meant to be an official roadmap, nor trying to organise future development of CasparCG. The official road ahead is managed at Github.


Magewell Producer.
I want to use Magewell DVI/HDMI capture cards to build a scaler for live event productions. I hope it can achieve lower latency than Decklinks and be suitable for big screen projection. Ideally less than 3 frames end-to-end, but thats just wishful thinking at the moment.

In addition to Magewell Producer we would need:

Arbitrary channel and layer formats
I want to create channels with odd aspects and resolutions. Then create layers in all kinds of resolutions and position and scale freely within. Then I want to frame freely (and transform + animate) the viewport for each consumer. That way we could look into doing hard-/softedge blending and perhaps even projection mapping.


Faster than realtime rendering
I’d love to render HTML graphics directly to a file, so many possibilties!

Broadcast Encoder Consumer
Something like Open Broadcast Encoder available directly from as a consumer would be a killer feature for headless playout!


*Non-realtime rendering
Both faster- and slower than realtime!

  • Playlist management with schedule options.

  • Web Api for amcp command.


DATAVIDEO TC-200 support
I would love to make a version of the screen producer that would work with this box. It would allow any machine with an HDMI output to output key+fill up to 1080i50/60. It’s a very simple hack really (just multiplexing an YCbCrA 4:2:2:4 in RGB 4:4:4 in a really funny way) that could be done with a fragment shader.


I second the requests to render HTML gfx directly to files and the ‘web’ API request.
I’d like to see a way of bringing in NDI as a source.



compact and user friendly CsparCG(not Separate server and client)


I’d love it if original pixel aspect ratio were respected for still images, rather than their PAR being distorted to make the image fill a 16:9 raster (or at least have an option to handle graphics that way).

I’ve worked with really small shows, with non-expert operators, and being able to drag stills into a run down without having to prep them in a graphics package first would be incredibly useful. At the moment people are using PCs with Scanconverters or similar instead when they could use a much higher quality CasparCG solution.


i would love to be able to synchronize videos across separate channels and even servers.


It is easy to build a dynamic template, that scales the images in the right way. You could then also have a background (animation).


I think it would be good if it shipped with some samples like these, especially with source to give beginners a starting point.


Better ATEM integration. The current solution is super flaky, when it works at all. :frowning:


I’m just thinking if this is not more appropriate have at GitHub as separate feature requests and improvements? So those who develop can take part of it, otherwise their is no chance to let them know.


@armin I totally agree that concrete feature requests MUST be channeled through Github and Github only. And I will raise feature requests for all mine and other ideas when I think they are appropriate and I see it fit in to ongoing active development. My intention here is purely to have a fun and free-spirited talk about crazy ideas and perspectives elevated above the realities of development effort, funding, strateg, technical challenges and roadmap.

(and some of these ideas are already in place as issues and have been for some time)


This can be a brainstorming / discussion area and after a while somebody can go throu it and post the result as a feature request. Otherways we end up in millions of requests at GitHub that are conflicting with each other. Better discuss it here and post on GitHub after a consens is made.


I love that idea, cool! Great job!


I agree Didi, I did actually wrote that in my previous post but skipped it for some reason I don’t know. :+1:



Client: Option to change keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys.