CasparCG wishlist



Client: Option to change the image/video transition default settings. For example, upon loading an image/video, transition is set to PUSH - 30 frames - EaseInQuad - LEFT - Seek 0 - Loop = true, etc.

Or Better yet, have the option to assign separate default transitions for images and video.


I dont know if this is a good idea or if its even do-able, take in webRTC-stream in client like the tool “Decklink input”. No idea how it could be practically organized.


Another: possible that in the client define out-transition. If your using Caspar for screenproductions it would be usefull to have better ways to take out layers than transparent PNG:s especially for videos, images and Decklink inputs


Only way to take in WebRTC would be with a HTML template. That also means you don’t have embedded sound (until CEF audio works within Caspar). Other option would be to find software that could translate webrtc to another protocol.

Regarding transparency - you can use any image or video as the key layer for another layer with MIXER.


as a wishlist feature, we could have a native webrtc producer!


Regarding tranparency i use the transparent PNG as the following example:
Output on a screen in studio

  • on channel 1-10 a videoloop
  • on channel 1-11 Decklink input with a person joying through Skype
  • on channel 1-11 tranformation size 75%
  • on channel 1-11 opacity 85%
    in client when I take in the Skype-picture I add a Mix 25 frm
    when I take it out I play “transparent PNG” with Mix 25 frm
    then I stop everything in channel 1-11 with a group and run the program logo on channel 1-11 (PNG with transparency).
    This is still simple and managable but if you have a more complicated setup and have things on 4-5 different layers its easy to forget some layer.


My most important wish (not for me but for every new user) INtergrated the Frontend GUI to Server release.


I would prefer a web interface as a frontend, which would comply with running the server headless.


I understand that if your running the Server through the frontend you miss out on some nice features like multiply configurations, So I like how it works in 2.0.7 where you can start frontend if you want or just the console if you prefer that. A webinterface would be perfect but still you cant(I think) get a channelgrid or diagnoce window though a webinterface. I have for problems installed TightVNC on my servers which means I can run them headless if I want to.


The frontend supporting multiple config files could be something to add to the wishlist if you want that.
There is a issue on github to replace the diag window with an external tool anyway, which would play well with a webinterface frontend.


+1 for rendering to file. This would be a huge feature for us, it is available in other renderers such as Viz RT


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