CasparCG old Forum

The old forum has been shutdown but it contains highly valuable contents, problems solving, tips, etc… that this new forum does not have yet. I think, whoever in Caspercg suggested to close it, without possibility for users to view those archives did a very big mistake.

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There have been legal issues with the old forum concerning th GDPR and the fact, that the holder of the domain was not able to take a personal risk. So the shootdown was the only solution. I have a full download of the whole forum here on one of my external USB drives. But we need to check the legal consequences of making it available again. So until that has been approved it is only a local copy here.


is there any progress in accessing old forum’s archives?

No. - What do you need to know?

I’m searching for simple html template setup that allows me to run and stop/transition lower thirds. i want to understand how it works.

I quickly looked, what I have around and found nothing. Then I looked in the backup of the old forum. Alas in there, the search function is not working any more, as it was part of the programming behind the forum, and so I found nothing. There is another tread, were somebody posted a link to the WayBackMachine, were the search probably is working. Or one of the more HTML fluent guys here can point the way.

I don’t have a great example, but this template shows the basic functions that caspar will call on templates, and the recommended base css that I got from the forum ages ago.
My animations were handled in caspar mixer, so the animation code inside the template is very minimal. Hopefully it gives enough help on how the template should work

lt-text.html (3.6 KB)

I’m wondering about an ArtNet to ACMP bridge that novalis mentions here: OLA, MSC, Show Control

It should be possible to anonymize the content and provide it in a manner that limits access. I’m not sure how that affects GPDR and archived data in terms of data ownership, but it seems like there should be some way.

Today I was looking into the old forum backups. It looks like it should be possible to get that back up in the web. I will look into that during the summer. Probably I will build a separte website with the old forum content in read-only mode, so that all the old informations can be browsed, but noting added to it. Will keep you posted.