CasparCG ClipTool



Could also be the state-scanner defaulting to 2.1.xx as it will use the old OSC structure if it don’t get a version from the CCG server.
You could restart the state scanner or start it after the server.
(Hopefully we’ll end up with only 1 OSC structure)


It was a OSC issue. Didnt know that had to be activated in 2.2.0
Now it runs fine

br markus


Thanks a lot for the feedback. I have updated the casparcg-state-scanner with info of how to enable OSC on CasparCG 2.2.xx

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or problems :slight_smile:


1.0.Beta.2 is out.
We have installed it in one of our SNG cars for playout and background loop.
Here´s the Touchscreen for cueing clips, that the VideoMixer will trigger:
(It´s a RPi and a small 7" inch touch )

And then another client is running on the CCG Server for setting up folders, reordering clips etc. for the show.

The CasparCG is triggered from the VideoMixer via GPOs


CasparCG ClipTool ver 1.1.beta.1:
GFX overlay is now possible to use with both start stop and invoke templates.
And the GFX handler has had a huge overhaul.