Case study: World Archery Federation – Hyundai Archery World Cup



Thank you. The World Archery Federation is a really good client to work with, which is key to achieving good results.


What i saw is awesome! Great job!
Just a question: how does the integration between timing system and cg graphic works? Are you using live protocol such as websocket to get realtime infos?


The event-management-system used in archery is called Ianseo (, and it’s open-source too! :slight_smile:
We’ve build a custom NodeJS -based controller which uses a REST-interface to pull data from Ianseo (we also receive realtime data through pushes from Ianseo).


@Jesper or @hummelstrand is it possible for you to share the subt as example on how the bodymovin and lottie is integrated?


Hi @tue.

I don’t have an isolated demo of bodymovin at hand that can be shared.