Automatic Rundown / simple Slideshow in the official Client

Hi guys,

is there an better way in creating an automatic rundown without adding wait times to the “items to play” in the official client?

I need to play about 40 graphics in an rundown and don´t want to step manually :wink:



I don’t think so.

No, the client looks for timecode in order to use the auto-play. You could theoretically create a simple PHP / JavaScript Webpage and play it via the client, however. Tutorial here:

there is a small little freeware caspar client that does exactly this. it can run parallel to the client.
Playout Xpress 1.41


It’s one off those missing things :wink:

one nifty trick i did earlier is to make a “OSC output-trigger” , trigger its self and add a delay too that so it’s pulsing.
i did something with using the same UID to trigger the item’s in a group and autostep too tackle this :wink:

quite a puzzle but it did work. not very user friendly though

i have to search if i got this playlist somewere in a archived project

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Maurice my darling (:slight_smile:️), could you give me an hint on how to do it? I don‘t know ANYTHING about „Auto Step“…
I already thought about some QLab magic and do an Decklink Input routing, but that‘s not how I want to behave it. Triggering via OSC is a way, but could you tell me how this AutoStep thing could work?

Didn‘t know Playout XPress could do it. I will give it a try :slight_smile:

Trying to do what i did earlier but i can’t figure out how i did this LOL